the well applauded Norwegian performance

I've written too soon. I thought my previous post would be my last post for March but hey, there's still a day more before we enter the month of April. Well, anyway, I promised I'll write about my sister-in-law (hubby's youngest sister) and her hubby's coming home from Norway. It is actually my SIL's first return to the Philippines after she got married with Geir, a sweet Norwegian guy who is also more or less like her age.

The most common thing between my side of the family and hubby's side of the family is that we all love to sing especially when we get together, whether or not there is a special occasion to celebrate. So, when we got together with Ruth and Geir, we all had a great time videoke singing; although most of us were quite reluctant to sing already because we couldn't sing at par with Geir's performance. He always tells his wife he doesn't need alcohol in order to have a great time. And he's right.

 Well, here's the video that I took from his wonderful performance. Enjoy!

Norwegians Got Talent!


  1. Ahahahahah...your SIL and her husband are so cute and bubbly. Makes me laugh when I'm watching them, and it's not just because of her husband's "talented" singing. Is that really him singing? Almost sounds like Elvis.

    Man, look at him work those HIPS! *Chuckles*...

    I've known a handful of Norwegians and they're all so TALL. Looks like Geir is no exception! ;)

    Wait, why didn't you and the hubby get in front of the camera and join them?

  2. cool! hehe. u should have shown them your talent in singing pud unta jo. :) wen are they going home to norway? lingaw jud sa if naay get together.

  3. @bchai: yeah, that's him singing.. hehe i was the one who took the video, so you can't see me there
    hubby's a little shy that day

    @jenn: mga middle sa april jenn.. :-)

  4. That was hilarious! I agree, he does sound like Elvis! What a fun group!


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