warning: facebook virus stealing passwords

Hackers.. they're  all over the internet! Facebook users, beware! I have just read from Yahoo about the Facebook virus. Yes, there are major hacking activities going on attempting to hack user information from Facebook users. How they do it? Well, they would send you an e-mail (or what we call a spam) asking you to reset your Facebook password using the new login credentials from a zipped attachment which apparently contains the virus or the software which will then hack your password and other important information. If you are not so aware of it, you would probably think that the mail really came from a Facebook Security staff.

Guys, if you have received this kind of email, please ignore or delete it! Never, in any way open the zipped file. When I got this e-mail, I knew there was something fishy about it. I'm glad my instincts were right.


  1. Eeek...I hate viruses. I wish I can send every virus-creating misfit to the outer regions of the universe.

    I haven't seen that kind of e-mail yet. Maybe it's been filtered through my spambot, but it's good to know what it looks like.

    Also, is that your inbox?!? You have 1300+ messages? LOL. Goodness gracious, hun. You're one busy woman! ;)

  2. Yikes! Is this a Friendster number 2? I hate viruses. Thanks for sharing jo.

  3. This happened to a friend. She warned us all to delete her from our contacts.

  4. Thanks for the warning! I have not received such mail yet. I had one for my yahoo account and deleted it without reading.

  5. Thanks for the information...

  6. I hadn't heard about this, thank you for letting me know!


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