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Just found ourselves another hobby - caring for bonsais!

Even though they say that "money does not really grow on trees", we are happy to have received this little plant (from Stephen's uncle) that's been made to grow on a rock - it's called a Money Tree! Hmmm, we're not Chinese and I'm not really into feng shui but they say it's going to bring us luck. As if we're not lucky yet!

Anyway, we're just happy to be proud caretakers of this Money tree bonsai. It doesn't look like a bonsai yet but soon it will become a beautiful bonsai, hopefully.

They say that the best thing about caring for a bonsai is that it really won't need so much care and attention. Although, we had a bonsai before, I named her 'periwinkle' but because of too much heat, she didn't survive. This time, we're going to take care of our bonsais. Yes, we were given two. We'll call our money tree 'Pachira' (taken from its scientific name). The other bonsai is bigger - uncle said it is called a Pycos tree but I don't know its scientific name, so we'll just get settled with the name 'Pycos'.

 Meet Pachira!

 Meet Pycos!

 From time to time, I'll be reading some references on the web on how to care for bonsai.


  1. That's a nice bonsai. Goodluck caring for it! :)

  2. Awesome! I hope it really does grow money. LOL. I know you guys will take good care of your little bonsai tree, and I'm sure Dipx2 will love watching it grow. ;)

  3. looking at your bonsai jo, i miss our houseplants. when we move here, i put them all outside the porch and they all didn't survive from cold winter weather. :)

    have fun taking care of it. it sure looks cute. :)

  4. I have never heard of this kind of tree -- FUN!


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