southern style smocked dress, anyone?

Here's a little something for everyone, especially the moms out there, who are looking for dresses or clothing for their own kids or to give away as gifts.

Our friends at Little English have a great line of clothing for our children of different ages and sizes. I've looked around at their site and I really fell in love with their Smocked Dress collection! Yes, I do wish to have one of those hand smocked dresses for my little girl, Pauline.

Haven't you checked out their site just yet? I would love for you guys to come check the site out. They do have nice colors and great designs for children's wear, very distinct southern style -- cool and definitely comfortable to wear because of their smart choice of fabrics!


  1. You know, you're SO lucky to have a girl--->they get like 10x more choices in outfits as boys! LOL. It's true though. Boys are kinda limited in outfits and colors, but girls can practically wear anything.

    I'll have to check the link out! I bet there's some cute outfits I can drool over with! ;)

  2. oh, right, especially we can afford to buy them all those beautiful outfits :-)

  3. Sounds great, I will check it out!


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