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A friend of ours is getting married to his girlfriend of three years this year. He asked me and hubby if we can recommend our supplier for our wedding invitations that we sent to our family and friends last October 2007. Well, we promptly said 'NO.'

If you've been with us through our wedding preparations, you will understand why I don't want to have anything to do with that supplier anymore. I almost had laryngitis ranting too many times about the quality of their work. Why can't they get the spelling right or miss out on one or two important names from my entourage when we've provided them with an electronic copy via e-mail? Frankly, I don't care how they would do it for as long as they don't disappoint us with the quality of their work. We've complained for errors four or five times already because every time they would correct an error, another new error gets introduced. Can you just imagine my frustration? It's not even a rush work because they had a month to do it. I will no longer mention the name of the supplier here because I have already made a complaint to the proprietor and they assured me that they will make sure that, moving forward, their staff will do their jobs really well.

So, to our friend who is getting married, I suggested to him to tell his girlfriend to go for cheap invitations and to make sure that the supplier can be trusted on the quality of their work if she doesn't want to end up ranting like I did last time.


  1. Wow, they sound like a headache, for sure. It's a shame they screwed up your orders, esp. when it concerns something VERY important, like a wedding. You're right: I wouldn't want to recommend them to friends, even if their quality's top notch.

    Another alternative for people on budget weddings, would be those do-it-yourselves wedding invitation kits. I don't know if it's readily available in your friend's area, but they're actually nice. ;)

  2. That is too bad you had to deal with that. :( My wedding disappointment was with my flowers. I brought in several pictures showing exactly what I wanted and went over the details with the florist several times over SIX MONTHS. When I picked up my flowers on my wedding day, they were not at all what I had wanted. I still frown when I see them in my pictures, but oh well the rest of the wedding was perfect and the marriage is what counts!


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