On The Ringside With The Nanny

It was shown on television that hours before Manny Pacquiao fought triumphantly against Joshua Clottey, the famous ring announcer Michael Buffer had walked into Manny's room to have his gloves signed.

Here's what Dipdip's Ate Virgie (the nanny slash relative) had to say about it.
"That Michael Buffer – he is not a boxer, right? I don't think he will have any use for those gloves."

Stephen and I can't help but laugh at her innocent comments before we had the chance to explain that the gloves were autographed for memorabilia's sake. :-)


  1. hahahha. lingaw man ko ni "ate virgie" oi. nakiki-ate pud ko, hahaha!

  2. LOL...that's understandable, especially for someone who probably doesn't watch boxing matches that often. ;)

    At least she knows that Mr. Buffer's not a boxer now!

  3. i love this "Ate Virgie" because she loves my Dipdip too. we're even happy to let her go if her uncle's plan of shouldering the college expenses will push through.


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