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This is my first time to join the Mommy Moments! We don't really "own" a car. But my husband has been "driving" Oliver (the car has a name and it's a vintage car, LOL) for more than a year now. It's his sister's car, actually. She bought it second hand. When she went to Norway, the family agreed to let us use it for the meantime so that we can have a comfortable ride whenever we plan to visit his parents.


Oliver is rather old, but still he and hubby are still capable of bringing us to safety... With God's  blessings and guidance, of course!

If anyone wants to join us at the Mommy Moments, just click on the Mommy Moments badge for the details.


  1. Welcome to Mommy Moments. Ang cute ng anak mo,ang puti. :)

  2. hi willa, thanks! trust me, she's not that "puti".. maybe it's just an effect of the reflection of the sun

  3. LOL...awesome ride, dear! It's really nice of your sis-in-law to let you guys keep the car for her while she's gone. Now, how about a road trip for the family? :)

    I'll check out that mommy moment you've recommended. ;)

  4. Great ride you know every time we will go somewhere i like riding...

    Mine is here

  5. You'll enjoy and learn here at Mommy Moments. Welcome and nice nickname for a car :)

  6. That is great that your husband's sister's car has worked for you guys. Cute pics! And even though this has nothing to do with your Mommy Moments post - I couldn't help but notice the BEAUTIFUL scenery in those first two pics. I would love to have those trees and flowers where I live!

    Thank you for the comments on my posts this week - Logan's peeking in pics :-) and the video yesterday. Hope you are having a good weekend.

  7. i see the bridge.. where u at in Cebu? me, I'm from Opon

  8. hi there texas_sweetie, thanks for dropping by.. we live in ibabao, cordova :-)

  9. hello..meretrisha..interesting to know that u guys living at ibabao Cordova ehheehe lol..m from lapu2x fyi hahaha..actually my sis n law originally from ibabao also..mary ann siaton-dungog..u know her?take care..^_^

  10. hi lea.. really? it's a small world then.. we moved here after we got married 2 years ago. sadly, we hardly know anyone here.. didn't even get to know our next door neighbors LOL

  11. welcome to mommy moments! :) In behalf of all moms, we are glad that you decided to join us at Mommy Moments... hope to see you again next week, its about field trips!


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