a message of gratitude

This is a post of gratitude. I know I have said my thank you's to these guys already but I just want to do it here, so that when Didpdip grows up, she will be able to see this.

Come next week, Didpdip will be celebrating her first birthday. There's always something with "first birthdays" that would really make us want to celebrate, especially for the sentimental moms like us. Hubby and I were going over our financial ledger, though, and already agreed to celebrate Dipdip's birthday by ourselves. However, there's a little pressure to have at least a simple celebration especially because they say it's a first. And so, thanks to my father who got my brother to donate something for Dipdip's birthday, we can hopefully have a simple celebration next week. Didn't have anything planned yet, as of.

Well, another surprise came in just this week. A friend of mine "Cat" emailed me to say that she'll be sending a little something to help with Dipdip's birthday. My, oh my, tears came rolling down my eyes. How can the Lord be so kind enough to us? Well, this friend of mine--I haven't even met her personally yet but ever since we've met in this blog universe, I could not explain to you how this friendship happened but it just happened.

So to you, dear Tita Cat (and to your husband J and your lil one Rome), thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful to us and our little Dipdip. I hope I have erased your family name well enough. LOL.

Oh, and here's another one. I should have done this a long time ago but I thought I should wait until Dipdip would be able to wear the red dress that this other friend and ex-officemate of mine had given last December. I had it kept for my little girl to wear on her birthday. So, no pictures yet. However, Dipdip was playing with the toy that she has also given her. So, to you Jenn--thank you so much as well! She really loves to play with the toy already even though it is still not fit for her age.

Thank you guys for spoiling our little one with gifts that we are not even sure we can provide them ourselves yet.


  1. LOL...awww, you're all very much welcome, hun. It's our pleasure, and how I wish I could help you guys celebrate Dipdip's first birthday! It seems like it's always a milestone when your child reaches their day of birth, so even if it's Dipdip's 1st, 5th, or even her 18th birthday, I'm going to be there and help you all celebrate.

    ...and I'm also thankful that I've met you through this blog, and some of your other friends as well (Jenn, lol). One day, we'll all have to get together in person and have a girls' night out. (I'd rather be at your place though, since it's warmer!)

  2. wow i can't believe dip2x is gonna turn 1 yr old already, jo. time flies. i luv dip2x's smile in that pic, she sure looks happy with that toy on her hand, hehe. i can't wait to see her in that red dress. even if it's just gonna be a simple bday celebration, it would mean so much to dipdip, to you and to your family and friends. looking forward to the pictures. :)

    bitaw sah, i hope we can get together someday apil si bchai, hehe im sure it's gonna be fun.

  3. Lucky you to have such sweet friends (to spoil dip2x, lol!)! They're rare nowadays.

    With each passing day, we see our children grow. We always want to be the first to hear their first word, watch their first steps and celebrate their first birthday!

    Happy Birthday to your little one! I'm wishing her good health always.

  4. thanks bchai, jenn, juls.. sorry for the late reply.. i wasn't feeling too well the past two days

  5. That is wonderful! It sounds like Dipdip is going to have a terrific first birthday!


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