finding humor even in difficult times

Here's another entry from mom's journal of happy moments. I don't know why she found this one funny. Well, back then, she always finds the humor in everything; even in difficult times. Read on below if you want to know the details.

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My eldest daughter, a high school graduating student wanted a new pair of shoes. Our remaining budget could not afford to buy her one, except when she has to wait for the next payday.

She has caused me confusion when she, on tantrums, demanded immediate replacement when she kicked the worn-out shoe in front of the T.V. set where we were viewing at the time of her need.

I really noticed when she kicked them off the floor that there are holes in the soles.

I was compelled to do some immediate action. I got the well-treasured cream-colored shoes from among my favorite shoes and went to the shoemaker. I instructed him to dye the pair of shoes to black so it can be used by my daughter for her school uniform. According to her, the school guard won't let them in if they won't wear black shoes along with their school uniform. I had it double-stitched so it can last longer.

When I arrived home to surprise her of my ingenuity, I was more surprised when she said she can't use them without her classmates (most of them, a well-to-do) knowing they were only dyed.

I was more perplexed when my husband gave me money to give to the shoemaker to have it returned to its original color!
- Lifted from Mommy Diana's Journal of Happy Moments

Honestly, when I think about it now, I felt so ashamed of myself because, in a way, I gave my mom a hard time as a housewife and mother. Now that I have just began my life as a mother, this made me recall the pain that she must have felt in the past--the limitations that prevented her to provide for the needs of all her children. Come to think of it, they were only material needs and they were less important; so I'm still very proud of her--even when she graduated Cum Laude back in college, she chose to be a good housewife and mother.

Sorry if I have to re-use this photo from one of my older posts again. This is the only scanned picture that I have with me back in high school. I guess this was during my freshman year.


  1. while i was reading mommy Diana's journal jo, i was reminiscent of my past. i was already in 4th year HS when my parents bought me a brand spanking new pair of black Bandolino leather shoes. but before that, me and my sister Jingle used to wear either second hand or worn-out shoes with obvious holes in the soles or even like what your mom did, my mom had one pair dyed to black for my sister when she was in Grade 6. my sister and i only had 1 year of age difference so you see we both have the same needs at the same time, so it must have been very hard for my mom who's just a housewife and my dad who was a jeepney driver back then to give us what we need for school.

    i always tell our youngest sister that she's lucky, cause she has never experienced what me and Jingle have been through while we were still studying. she changes school shoes and school bags every semester (she's in college now). we try to be supportive. as long as we can afford it, we try to give it to her cause we've been on very difficult times back then, and we know it was not easy.

  2. You don't realize the sacrifices your parents made when you're young; we simply think of our own selfish needs until we're mature enough to think of others, right? I think your mom did a wonderful thing for you and the shoes. It's such a touching and endearing story about what your mom went through just to make sure you didn't go to school with worn shoes. I know you'd do the same for your daughter too.

    When Dipx2 gets older, make sure you share this story with her. ;)

    ...and there's nothing wrong with using the older pictures. You look so adorable!

  3. I think you were a typical teenager and since your mom used this as a funny memory it shows that she fully understood that! What a great example she was to you, that you can now pass on to your little girl. She is definitely up in heaven smiling at you and proud of you! I enjoyed reading this story and seeing the picture of you when you were a freshman!

    Also thank you for the comment on my recent post, that was very flattering to say you're starstruck, haha! Yes, my brother is named Jacob Motsinger - I will let you know if he's on anything that you'll be able to see! :-)

  4. I could hardly breathe while I was reading this. I am holding back my tears so others will not see me crying. When I was still young, my parents could afford to buy all the things I need. I was used to having a new pair of shoes each school year. However, when our small business went down, I faced a different challenge. I started to use hand-me-downs, but I do not really care. They were all branded shoes (lol!) Thankfully, I have so many Aunts to provide me with overgrown things.

  5. guys, thank you.. i never meant for this to become an emotional post but somehow it did.. brought me into tears as well..
    @bchai, andrea: thank you for your kind words.. i would surely share this one to my dipdip
    @jenn, juliet: thank you for sharing and being generous with your stories and experiences as well ..
    and to my silent readers, whoever you are -- thank you for dropping by to my site.. :-)


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