ending this month with a happy post

For some reason, I'd like to end this month with a happy post, although, this could rightfully make for a good April Fool's post.

Have any of you ever drank or tasted beer? To be honest with you, I have and I did. I remembered I was in fourth year high school then when I had my first taste of beer - it was a glass of pale pilsen and it was with my mom's permission. It tasted bitter at first but then I got used to the taste. :-) She believed that beer, if drank in moderation, has a health benefit - something to do with good blood circulation.

When I was already working, and for some reason, I learned to occasionally go out with friends on a weeknight and engage in long talks with them. We could chat all night with beer and some chips to go with it. Don't get me wrong, though, I wasn't and I am not alcoholic, although there was a point in my life that I overly drank and vomited because I thought I could handle it (it was a stronger kind of beer) but when it was time to leave and go home, I felt dizzy, that I had to go back to where I was seated. My friends then brought me to a restaurant which serves hot soup and they let me have a sip (it was called batchoy) so that I would feel better. In the morning, I had to deal with a hangover and swore that if I would ever drink beer again, I should not go beyond the one bottle limit. Also, it's hard to be putting on additional beer belly when you've already had a bulging stomach. :-)

When I think about it, I realized how foolish I was for not being able to say no when it's okay to refuse. Have any of you ever had the same experience as mine? I thought mine was a crazy experience but wait - I think it's crazier to drink from a german beer boot. I can only smile and think about what I could have turned out if this one existed back then. :-) My dear readers, if you should drink from a german beer boot, I'd like to remind you about 'moderation'. It's best to share the boot with your friends if you can't help it. As Thomas Jefferson puts it, "Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes good health."


  1. gosh, you just remind me of that batchoy, love love that!

    Our body needs alcohol from time to time, so it's okay to drink dear just don't abuse. Stop worrying about the beer belly, it will disappear before you know it.

    Anyways, i saw you thru Bchai! I'm so happy to meet new pinays everywhere.

  2. hahah i remember the "vomit incident" jo. i wasn't there but nunu "made kwento". i didn't believe it at first but they wouldn't stop talking about it and you admitted pud in the end so i was like, mao ba? hahhaa!

  3. @.Skye. thanks for coming here and for following. i'll check your blog and follow you back :-)

    @jenn yeah.. nunu is so "makuwento". .. glad you didn't add further details and just ended it with a good laugh (but i know what that laughter means) LOL

  4. LOL...you know, when J and I were in Germany, we did idiotically drink from one of those boot beer mugs during Oktoberfest in Munich. OMG...never again. We had half a pitcher of WARM German beer too, but it's really not that bad.

    After you drink so much, all you want to do is sleep. Remind me to do a post on Oktoberfest one of these days. It's actually hilarious. ;)

  5. oh, please do post it! do you have pictures from that Oktoberfest, too?

  6. I have a few pics from Oktoberfest. I'll blog about it one of these days. ;)

    There's nothing quite like the smell of beer, roasted nuts, and vomit (among other things)!

  7. Yes, I had a few times in college where I drank too much as well. Not fun! I think it is a maturity thing, because now I can't imagine drinking too much, but when you are young you think you can handle it until you suffer the consequences!


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