do i have a future in writing travel blogs?

I'm not sure if I have a future in writing travel blogs. I think I'm not really good at it. But I'll try. I'll have to start by writing about any of our escapades or travels here in Cebu and hopefully in other parts of the country.

I'm naturally a homebody but I would definitely look forward to travel anywhere with my family, that's only if the budget would allow. So, who knows! My camera would be working perfectly by then. :-)

So, for now I will just leave you with pictures from one of our old travels taken last Easter of 2008 while Dipdip was still in the works. :-) This one was in Lingay Beach Resort and Restaurant situated in San Remigio, the northern part of Cebu. Actually I just realized they do have a website (a multiply account), so if you are planning to go there, it will be good to check out their site for inquiries, reservations and stuff. By the way, I am not paid to write about them but trust me, you are not going to pay dollars from this resort and it is definitely worth a visit.

It's more or less a two-hour drive from the heart of the city. In our case, it only took us less than twenty minutes to get there because we were already in Medellin, Cebu (dad's working at a sugar milling company) and we only have to pay for a tricycle ride.

We didn't care if others rode in private cars to get to the resort. It's also fun to ride in a tricycle, anyway.We were commuting with our pet dog named "Finch", an adopted member of the family. Sadly, Finch died months later after he was bitten by one of the stray dogs in the compound.

Jem took ownership of mom's glasses after she passed away. Hmppp! I think I would have looked better in those glasses. Hahaha just kidding..

It didn't take us long to get there.. We were almost there...

Now, it says "Welcome to San Remigio!" Bravo!!!

We're entering the vicinity. Their restaurant was still in the works at that time but if you visit the place now, it's actually done.

There are mushroom cottages for the budget goers (like us!)

But you can definitely book for private rooms as well especially if you are planning to stay there for more than a day. Perfect for overnighters, honeymooners, group of friends who want to relax..

 Brother's cooking! He actually burnt most of the meat. (Thanks for the healthy lunch, LOL)

Dad and sis right there. Brother could have used some help but they chose to chill out. Hahaha just kidding, they actually helped out - this one was just for posterity's sake!

The beach was just so inviting. Peaceful, calm, serene!

Even the sky fell in love with the sea...

So, we figured it was time to get us sunblock! we can already take a dip.. i don't know how to swim, though :-)

 high tide or low tide, we vowed to love and take care of each other...

we were all having fun, until...

it was time to go home! Thank you, Lingay!


  1. hi
    your description is so interesting that I must say you should start a travel blog...

  2. quite a long trip! we went there one time and it was bagyong fengshen, kalimot ko's local name. hehe, dagko kaayong bawod

  3. @shabnam: thanks for the comment and for following me, how can i follow you as well? can't see your blog somewhere. :-)

    @fetus: you actually had me searching for the local name, LOL? babyong fengshen was typhoon frank which actually sunk the princess of the stars, right? that was a terrible experience we also went through. you can check out our typhoon experience here
    it must have been too bad for you but you can visit some other time hehehe

  4. A travel blog would be great, hun. You can always update it with travels around your city / hometown and other places you guys visit. You don't always have to go somewhere far or exotic to take your readers on a little journey. I know there's loads of places around you that everyone would love to hear about (esp. me), so I think it'd be a great idea if you've got time! ;)

    Great shots of you and the hubby (and family) too!

  5. awww... sorry to made you research on that hehe. uy padayun sa imong travel blog uy, para daghan ta mag blog about cebu. tapos exchange links dayun ta kay for sure pare-pareha ta og keywords. that would mutually benefit us as it increases our page ranks.
    similar content, possible same keywords, equals linked blogs increase in google page ranking. :D

  6. nindota sa dagat sa san remigio jo oi blue man kaau. while i was there last year, we thought of giong somewhere north bya unta but we're not really familiar sa north part sa cebu so we ended up going to moalboal, hehe taga samboan man gud si pader, sweto sa south. :)

    but i like your travel post. keep on posting para daghan na ta laagan, hahah

    katawa ko sa caption nimo na u can't swim, sus pareho jud ta, sa daplin ra jud tawn muubug, hahaha!

  7. ahahay... hehe thank you guys..
    @bchai, @fetus, @jenn -- i'll keep my not so frequent travels posted right here or maybe i could try guesting on travel blogs :-)

  8. Hello, Jo. haha. I stumbled upon your blog (imagine, i stumbled upon it! hehe) while i was researching for Lingay. I am writing about it now...although i know our experience there was already quite a long time ago. i am not a travel writer just yet, and i don't have a travel blog either. it's part of my new job. hahhaha...i'll forward you the link later. ;) thanks..see when i see you.

  9. wakalan: hahaha.. please let me know who you are.. i have no idea.

  10. hahhaa.. sorry ,i did't realize my display name was still wakalan. although i think, you should have known because wakalan isn't a Cebuano word...and i know you understand hiligaynon. hahha. anyhoo, helen here. good to see you. :P

  11. thanks helen. think you still owe me that coffee? hahaha! so you are into this thing already? great to see you here.. please explain the balsa tragedy.. such a heavy word - exagg?

  12. i always speak in exaggeration. haha. it's part of my job. i also write in other three platforms (you can see the links on the page--yummy, gimmick, shopping), if i am not busy with other writing stuff for the company. officially, i now have a morning job. hehe. i like writing on those, although not my personal blogs, they were all my experiences. haha..k wala mn ko may isulat kng indi akon experience.hehehe..


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