dipdip's first birthday celebration

I promised to write about Dipdip's first birthday celebration, so here it goes..

Dipdip's first birthday celebration was a "simple celebration" like we wanted it to be. It was in fact a belated birthday celebration because it had to be celebrated the day after her birthday. Her birthday fell on a Friday and so we thought it would be convenient for the attendees to celebrate it on a Saturday. The nanny and I took Dipdip to church on her birthday, though, to thank God for giving Dipdip good health. On the other hand, her father was sick for 3 days. He had fever which was secondary to tonsilitis - thanks to her sister's chocolates hehe (I'll write about my sister-in-law and her hubby who arrived from Norway in my future posts). Thankfully, hubby was out of bed on Saturday.

The birthday celebration turned out well. This may well be just a first first birthday celebration since my in-laws will also be celebrating Dipdip's first birthday with them along with other special occasions within the family to celebrate. So, for the record, there's a second first birthday celebration in the works - this time, it will be courtesy of my in-laws.

Yes, technically, my in-laws weren't there during the birthday celebration but they really helped us out with the celebration because they had to lend us some utensils that we could use for that occasion. Also, it was Stephen's uncle, who is now starting to do a little food catering business as his sideline job, who cooked the food for us. My side of the family really loved the foods that uncle prepared for them. Hubby's sister also sponsored for the drinks.

Sadly, I didn't have quite a few good pictures to show because they weren't the best of quality. Hubby borrowed the Sony handycam from his father which was a present Papa got from his son-in-law from Norway. Unfortunately, Stephen didn't quite know yet how to handle the little gadget.So, anyway here are the pictures. If you notice any clear shots, they're not from the handycam. It's from my injured Canon camera. :-). Thank you, Canon.

Dipdip was lucky two have two birthday cakes - one from her Tita Freda (my first cousin) and one from Tita Cat, Tito J, and Rome!

Both cakes tasted great. The first one was baked from the heart; the other one was bought from Goldilocks but it was given from the heart as well. :-)

Here's a picture of Dipdip's birthday dress that her Tita Jenn gave her.

In this picture, she was held by my sister's bf. He made Dipdip a birthday poster drawn from his heart.

Nice piece of artwork, right? :-)

Here's another picture with the red dress; this time, she's with her Tita Helen.

She gave Dipdip a nice two-piece swimwear. I think it won't fit her just yet. Sorry if I have to crop the picture right there. You would not like to see a beautifully contoured body of her own mom, right? LOL

Overall, it was a wonderful celebration with dad and a few of our relatives and friends. We are also looking forward to celebrate with my in-laws in Talisay as well.


  1. Loved the cake! Love it! Love it! Thanks meretrisha for sharing the cake with us. My baby loved the watermelon! and hubby liked the chicken! :)

  2. juliet was there diay? wow ka nice. very lovely bday celebration jo oi. bonggacious kaau coz all the important people and close relatives and family members were tehre. that's what is important. im glad to see dipdip wearing the red dress, igo na jud diay nya. :) naa pay coming dip..ayaw sa tubo ha para maigo ni, haha.

    the swimwear was cute, hehe. the cake pud was very pretty. i bet it's yummy pud. do u have anything left? gae ko one slice beh, haha!

    so ni vacation diay sila ruth ug iya hubby jo? naa na sila bb?

  3. hi net, thanks! yes, juliet and wendell were there. it's easy to invite them over because we're practically neighbors. and yes, she got a lot of compliments that day because the dress looked good on her, thanks again. and yes, they're yummy - let's not count the calories, ok? :-)

    yes, ruth and her hubby are here for a month's vacation. i'll have a post about them later.

  4. Sweet! I wish I WAS there! Look at all that yummy food! Goodness---I'd be walking away with take out boxes, if you'd let me. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us too. I feel like we were all practically there. Also, look at those CAKES! Oh, yummy, yummy, yummy!!! ;) What a wonderful celebration. I'm glad you all enjoyed her 1st birthday! She looks totally adorable in her red outfit from her tita Jenn too. Cute!!!

    Also, I hope your hubby's feeling much better. No more cold sweet things for him! ;)

  5. jo, thanks for inviting us, we really appreciate that..naapil man sd diay mi sa pix...hehehehe

  6. @bchai: thanks :-)
    @bwendz: ur welcome :-)

  7. sowee dipdipz... i miss the party.. the gift is still here with me... (im beginning to think i now hold the record of having late-delivered gifts)... hehehe. soweee.. see you unya..or ugma..bsta. hehehe.

  8. Happy belated birthday to DipDip!!!! Those birthday cake are fantastic!!! I'm so glad she had a wonderful first-first birthday!


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