Time Is Gold But...

Why do we take the time to smell the coffee? Why do we take the time to smell the flowers?

Why didn't it say that 'Time is diamond' if we were to emphasize on how precious time really is?

Quite frankly, it is not realistic to think that we have time forever in our hands. In fact, we are catching up on it!

Seriously, time is gold but we don't need to rush. In fact, it means that our time is precious that we need to spend it wisely. Let's not do too much goofing around. Let's not keep doing too much intermission in our lives when we know we've got so many things that are left undone.


  1. Tine is gold means it is precious like a rare commodity like gold. That means we should spend it wisely and not while away our time frivolously. We can never turn back the hands of time so we have to be very circumspect in spending it wisely. Thanks for the post. God bless.

  2. ...and it's another reason why we need to cherish EVERY moment we spend with our friends, family, and loved ones.

    Don't ever hold a grudge, stay too mad at someone, and take things for granted. ;)

  3. brother mel: thanks for dropping by, keep visiting. i've added your blogs to my blogroll

    sister bchai (lol): that is so right! thanks for the additional thoughts *wink*

  4. Great post! I agree!


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