the spaghetti love story

To tell you the truth, it's my husband who does much of the cooking around the house. I believe he cooks better than I do. And faster, too! If you want me to cook, you better give me a lot of time so I can do it pretty good. When husband is cooking, he would already heat the pan or start the cooking right away while he is also busy cutting, slicing or preparing the rest of the ingredients to his recipe. He's definitely an ideal home chef! As for me, I like to have everything cut, sliced or prepared ahead before I turn on the heat and get everything started.

Yesterday, when there was power interruption, I decided to make spaghetti for all of us. I thought it would be a perfect pre-Valentine's Day treat! I especially made my husband's spaghetti plate extra special by carving out small hearts by knife from the red bell pepper. I secretly carved it out when he did the errand to buy the can of spaghetti meat sauce. So, when I served him his spaghetti plate, he was like surprised to see the special hearts that were on top of his spaghetti. I guess he appreciated it but still acted like he didn't. He mustered a smile and made the nicest comment about the three hearts. He said that it looked like some caveman did it because they were perfectly carved. Yeah, right! :-)


  1. How CUTE! I knew those looked like hearts in the picture! I bet it tastes yummy too. I don't think you give yourself enough credit for cooking. I think you're probably a great cook (even if you don't think so). I mean, c'mon, look at that picture. Makes my mouth water! Nom nom nom nom...!

  2. hahaha! katawa man ko ni tefen oi. o im sure patay malisya ra guro si tefen ba. pero it was nice of u to have thought of that. sweet kaau ka wifey! hehe

  3. bchai: thanks, you should try my spaghetti. it tastes like something else hehehe joke

    jenn: thanks! you know my husband.. LOL

  4. What a nice idea!!! I am not a cook, either, only my husband does not like to cook so I end up still doing it every day. Guys pretend to not be mushy but I bet he really thought that was super sweet!


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