she walks away from her mom

I thought I should post this video of dipdip where she happily walked away from her mom to be with the nannies who usually take their walks every afternoon. This was the same day we took the many faces of my baby. I was surprised to see my daughter, now at 10 months, walking away from me because she loves to stroll with her friends. Oh my, she's really walking now! I never thought it would be this early but oh well, there might be other babies who walked earlier than she did. I just thought I wanted to "baby" her, you know--where you just simply cuddle her and all. Now, she wouldn't usually want to be carried because she likes to walk!!! And I was like thinking of postponing her to grow up faster hahaha just kidding. Anyway, so here's that short video of my daughter walking away from me. :-)


  1. LOOK at her! She's such a doll. Poor momma, you'll have to let her grow up sooner or later. ;) Good thing she's in the early stages of walking. However, it looks like she doesn't want anyone to really hold her hand when she walks! LOL. Bravo, Dipx2!

  2. thank you tita bchai. mwahh -Dipdip

  3. dali-a ra nidako ni dipdip oi. wen gani cya mag 1 yr old jo?

  4. hi net.. she'll turn 1 yr old on march 26..

  5. What a social butterfly! Wow, she walks excellent for her age!!!


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