on gaining weight after giving birth

Listen now, would you buy this idea?

I had a little discussion with a relative about wives gaining weight after delivery and having a hard time losing it. This whole discussion started when this relative was surprised to see me not losing so much of my maternal weight ever since I gave birth almost a year ago now.

Yes, it's almost been a year since I gave birth but for the life of me, I'm still not reduced to my desired weight, shape and form. 

Photo courtesy of Shiela Hamac

Anyway, going back to the discussion on gaining weight, she and her sister told me that I did not lose weight because my husband did not fool around and that I can easily get thinner if he turns unfaithful. They said they were telling from experience. 

Now, would you rather have a faithful husband and not lose weight?  On the contrary, why would any husband stay unfaithful when he has a sexier wife now?

So silly. But then relatives are relatives. Maybe they were just telling me that to make me feel better about my weight because I've been compensated to have a faithful husband by my side. Is that really how it works now? LOL


  1. i'd rather have a faithful husband than a sexy body. after all it's not just all about physical appearance, is it? marriage and staying in love is definitely more than that. char! :)

  2. There's nothing wrong with the way you look. In fact, you look quite voluptuous. Curvy women are more sexier than waif-like ones, right? Don't worry too much about the weight though---you really shouldn't let it bother you. ;)

    LOL...I've never heard that kind of wives' tale about an unfaithful husband and a skinny wife though. That's interesting. I wonder what else they say about that?

  3. Yes, that's rather silly and have no relation in any way in getting your desired weight after delivery. The problem is, you might have retained your acquired eating habit when you were pregnant and have not returned to your old eating habit when you were not yet pregnant. It is wise to seek advice from your doctor on how you can lose your unwanted pounds. Eating the right kind of food and exercising regularly will help you attain that goal. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. Don't despair. You will lose the excess weight in time. I'm still stuck with 10 lbs. pregnancy weight and my daughter is now 14 months. As long as you're happy, what's a few pounds more? :)

  5. Ohmygosh!!! That made me laugh, how ridiculous. Just look at Tiger Woods' wife - how could she be any more beautiful? Yet that didn't stop Tiger from cheating on her. Being in the perfect shape has nothing to do with a man being faithful. Yes, it might make the wife go into a depression which could take her appetite away, but you are right - I'd rather be in a happy marriage with a few extra pounds on me than at my ideal weight but not able to trust my husband. I think you are beautiful, but all that really matters is that your husband loves you for YOU and he clearly does so you are a very lucky woman! :)

  6. @jenn - thanks, yeah, we both think the same way *wink*
    @bchai - i knew you'd say that! thanks dear
    @brother Mel - as for my diet, i don't have that much appetite now. so that leaves exercise as the best solution.. (and i guess i need to work on a better sleep routine, too!)
    @jellybelly - :-) thanks for dropping by, appreciate it much.. i'll check out urs too
    @andrea - thanks, you're right..

    in conclusion, fidelity is really all up to the person (men and women), no matter how we look or what size we are, if they fool around, they'll fool around :-)
    thanks for all the wonderful comments.. you guys are awesome..

  7. Oh yeah, did I mention that with a little motherhood, your boobs kinda get a bigger too? LOL. That's another plus with the little weight gain. LOL...! ;) (WINK WINK)

  8. but still they would look smaller with a bigger tummy hahaha


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