on cars and car maintenance

The next paragraphs you will read below are my husband's thoughts about cars and car maintenance. I am just his secretary for now. And he is guesting on my blog! :-)

In the past, owning a car was considered a luxury, but today it becomes a necessity especially if you're living in urban areas. Commuting in a public transportation can either get you fired or deny you to get that elusive promotion because of tardiness. Therefore, owning a car is a must to get to your workplace on time.

A car provides us comfort and independence to get to the place we want. This is why it's very important to have it regularly maintained by trusted car maintenance shops. If you're in Dallas, for example, there are plenty of Dallas auto repair shops that can help your car engine to give its best performance. Aside from giving the car's engine maintenance care, we must not forget that power without control is dangerous. I'm referring to your car brakes. You don't want your car to experience sudden acceleration. And you don't want to drive with brakes not working properly. Better safe than sorry - have that brake job done now!

If you're no longer happy with maintaining your old car because it is draining your pocket with all of its maintenance cost, you can look for a replacement - one that can provide the comfort and features that you need. Do your research on the internet or you can read the reviews about Chevrolet Silverado. Who knows this Chevy might suit your style.


  1. I have to agree, owning a car is a very big responsibility, and if you don't take care of it, it'll cost you plenty of headaches and $$$'s down the drain.

    Hmm...Chevy's are decent cars, but I still prefer the Asian models over American ones. ;)

  2. thanks bchai.. as for me, i have no preference for cars.. as long as my hubby is willing to drive it, i'm ok with it :-)


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