my baby at eleven months

My walk through life blog presents...

Dipdip at eleven months old! This only means one thing -- One more month and she'll turn a year old! :-)

Yes, she just turned eleven months and she's such a talker! Only that the right words won't come out from her mouth just yet.

Watch this video only if you want to see it. Thanks! :-)


  1. Oh, what a cutie pie! Dipx2 is talking up a storm! Yay! *claps hands* She's just too adorable. I wish we were closer so that Rome can have a playdate with your little honey. ;)

  2. hellow dip dip..what is that you're holding? hehe.

    jo, i think she's big naman jo. im afraid the clothes that i bought for her won't fit. hmmm. it says for 18-24 months man ni, then around 27 to 33 lbs pero sa video it seems like big naman cya. i just hope this would still fit inig padala nko later this year pohon.

  3. she's such a cutie. i have a 5 1/2 month old daughter and i'm starting to imagine how my baby will act and look like at 11 months.

    by the way, i'm sharing two awards with you. i hope you can grab them in my blog

    more mother stories sharing!!!

  4. @bchai: thanks dear! yeah, i hope so too.. so i can blog about it -- "when dipdip met rome"

    @jenn: she's holding my fibrosine.. (i'm constipated, remember? LOL)
    don't worry net, it will fit her.. i'll put her on a diet (joke)
    i believe the red dress you even bought her last year would still be good until she's 2 yrs old
    couldn't wait for her to wear it so I can blog about it, too

    *addicted to blogging, eh* grinning

  5. @the twitterer: thanks for dropping by.. i'll check on that award.. that's so sweet of you

  6. Cute cute cute! I love her little front teeth and the expressions she makes. She will be talking before you know it!

  7. mare ka cute na ni dipdip wa lang hibaw-i motabi na oo hehehe.

    inyong nawong duha ni bay tephen naa niya... liwata oist.......

  8. @andrea: thanks, i'm looking forward to it so we can have a real conversation :-)

    @shanix: hehe thanks mare


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