It's Brushing Time!

When dipdip's teeth started to appear, which started somewhere between her sixth and seventh month, we have already started putting a little fluoride on her teeth and gums. This was the pediatrician's instruction. We were worried at first because she doesn't know how to spit it out but we were told that it's okay for her to swallow some fluoride as long as it is just a little amount. We've been planning to really let her brush her teeth because each time she sees us brushing our teeth, she gets so amused and looked really excited to have the same experience. Last night, she ate a lot of fish and we didn't like the smell of her mouth after taking her dinner. So, we decided it's time to let her use the new toothbrush that's meant for her age. By the way, we only used just a really, really, really tiny amount of the toothpaste because she's not learning how to spit it out just yet and we have also learned that too much fluoride on a child can cause fluorosis - not a very good sight to see for anyone's teeth. We also agreed to not use fluoride on her brush all the time. Pretty soon, we'll probably let her hold the tooth brush herself.

What time is it? It's brushing time!


  1. Good job, mommy & daddy. It's important to start when they're young, so they get used to it. Are you guys able to find some baby toothpaste in your area? It's not really as strong as the adult paste, and it's okay if the baby swallows it.

  2. thanks dear. no, i don't think we have that here. not sure. what's the name of the brand?

  3. It's really hard to teach a small child how to brush her teeth. I think the most prudent thing to do is to brush her teeth for her until she grows up well enough to brush her own teeth. That way you will not worry about her swallowing in any amount of fluoride. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. That is so cute!! I started brushing Logan's teeth around the same age but our pediatrician won't let us use toothpaste until he turns two so that will be interesting when that happens in a couple of months! So far he's done great with brushing and it looks like your little sweetie is getting off to a good start, too! :-)

    Thank you for your comment on my post yesterday. I hope you got to eat pizza for supper :-)

    Yes, Logan is a messy eater, haha! I'm sure I put on his bib immediately following that picture because otherwise his shirt goes right into the laundry (sometimes even after wearing a bib).

    Are you interested in writing a manuscript? I am a part of a local writers group and the published authors have really helped me as far as getting into the novel-writing business. I hope there is something like that in your area because I saw that you like to write, too :-)

  5. @brother mel: thanks for sharing your thoughts. well appreciated!

    @andrea: thanks! in that case, if we can't find any baby toothpase, we'll have her brush without any fluoride until she turns 2.
    oh, it's all right if he's a messy eater. he's just getting to know his food well.
    hmmm, novel writing sounds interesting. i still have to learn how to do that, though

  6. We like to use the baby Orajel toothpaste that comes with flavor. Rome's already using his toothbrush on his own, but we still have to help him a bit. I think he just likes the feeling of the bristles, since he still has a few teeth coming in. ;)

  7. @bchai: okay, thanks for the followup :-) we'll look for that baby Orajel here


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