Got No Pain!

I'm saving this space again to make way for Mom's journal about me when I was 10 years old. If you have read my prequel to the writer and the pen post, then don't miss out on this one. This happened when I was in the fourth grade, I think. I guess I was a little hard headed during my younger years. :-)

Read on if you're curious about what I did which deserved this entry to my mom's journal of happy moments.

Got No Pain! 

My daughter, Joan, has something in common with her brods and sis. It was her way of handling physical pain in a detached manner.

One time, she was trying to play spinning top. I immediately told her to give back the top to her elder brother coz she has no right to play a game that befits the opposite sex.

She was 10 years old, this time. However much I rebuked her not to do such a thing, she positioned herself to spin the top and she did it clumsily that it landed not on the floor but on to her gums! Believe me, I really saw blood coming out from that offended gum before the spinned top fell on the floor.

I could not fathom why this girl turned around with her back now facing me and she jumped like she won a prized game. She shouted with pride, "Got no pain!"

But I turned her face towards me and I saw tears of pain falling from her eyes.

This time I laughed.

Here's the lesson learned -- Children, obey your parents!


  1. hahaha. gahi jud diay ka ug ulo even before jo sah? hehe j/k!

    i luv reading ur mom's diary jo. im sure it makes feel kind of reconnected with her thoughts in the past. ikaw pud imo blog about dipdip, when she grows up, she can read it as well and feel proud of it.

  2. That was fun to read! You sound like me when I was younger, I was kind of hard-headed, too!

    If you don't mind me asking, how and when did you lose your mother? Thank you for sharing another entry from her journal, that is so special.

    And by the way, that is great that you were able to breastfeed for a few weeks, I think even a short amount of time is wonderful.

  3. LOL...poor girl. At least we know how you've developed such a high pain tolerance now! (Childbirth? Pffft...I've been hit with a spinning top on my gum when I was young!) ;)

    Glad to read your mom's memories too. It's nice that you've saved her journal. You'll be sharing it with Dipx2, especially when she gets older. :)

  4. @jenn: thanks.. you're right it will be fun to let my daughter read everything about her grandmother and her own mom. hope she can learn some lessons too.. there are more to come but i've been debating myself whether or not i should make a separate blog for her because i really love to share her journal to the world. it's her own version of a blog and she didn't get to have the chance to experience it :-)

    @andrea: we lost mom to brain aneurysm last dec 2007. maybe i'll have to mention it again in my subsequent posts. :-)

    @bchai: thanks! those tears were nothing.. got no pain at all hahaha


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