Eminent Eights

It's tagging time! Thank you, Andrea, from Memories As A Mom for this Lucky Chinese Tag - we're not Chinese but it's definitely fun to fill up these eights!

♥ 8 TV Shows We Like to Watch ♥
It's Showtime
Banana Split (Daily Servings)
ASAP 2010
Pinoy Big Brother
Rated K

P.S. Except for Oprah, those are Philippine TV shows, so some of you probably could not relate to it. :-)

♥ 8 Favorite Places to Eat & Drink ♥
Gerry's Grill
Chow King
Pizza Hut

♥ 8 Things I Look Forward To ♥
Going to Bohol to have a closer view of the Chocolate Hills
Going home to San Carlos City (my home town)
Weekends! and lots of weekends to spend with family
Have enough budget to beautify our house
Losing more weight and feel good about myself again
Watching at least one live concert a year
Family's good health
Another year of blessings

♥8 Things that Happened Yesterday ♥
Took a shower
Bathed our Didpdip
Did my regular work routine
Had breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner
Had some playtime with Dipdip
Took a nap
Experienced power interruption
Had Dipdip for another warm bath so she can sleep well during night time

♥8 Things I Love about Winter♥
My friends get to wear their winter outfits and I get to see them on pics
Friends get to see snow and blog about it (and keep wondering how cold the place can get)
My friends would have a good excuse not to go to work because it's chilly
My friends would probably be having more sips of coffee and chocolate
Hmmm, it'd probably be the best time to open a bottle of red wine
My friends would enjoy cuddling up with their partners
Refrigerators can probably take their vacation
The fireplace would probably be one of the eight places that they would like to be in

P.S. We don't have winter around here hehehe

♥ 8 Things I Am Passionate about ♥
Loving God
Loving my family
Food hehehe
Pictures and videos

♥ 8 Words/Phrases I Often Use ♥
Oopppsss (when something I did turns out wrong)
Whattttttt? (of course I heard it, but say it again please)
Reallly? (I'm not sure if that is believable)
Are you sure? (Have to verify again)
Okay, fine (I give up!)
Mama, dip! (Have to keep saying Mama so my daughter would not forget to call me Mama)
Yikes! (I don't like the taste and the thought of it!)
Garrrrrrr! (You get into my nerves!)

♥ 8 Things I Learned from the Past ♥
Life doesn't wait for you--it goes on and on and on.
Laughter is still the best medicine.
Never postpone your happiness. Be happy right here, right now!
Always learn from the best.
Learning to rejoice in your silent victories.
Writing really is the best weapon for boredom.
Writing is part of my life and my legacy.
We don't age, we grow old!

♥ 8 Blog Friends To Tag ♥
Bchai from Sprite 24.7
Jenn from My Sweet Haven
Shanix from Je Vais Te Dire Un Secret
Pearl of veni ... vidi ... vici
Geeten from Writings of an Introvert
Juliet from My Weekend Journal
Eikcaj of Living Life to the Fullest
Vaneza of C'est la vie

Have fun filling this out! *wink*


  1. friends go after food??? are you sure? hahaha --- i like the things that you learned ... seems like you learned well

  2. hahaha.. i'm embarrassed but they're not necessarily in that order LOL.. thanks master

  3. don't worry jo even if im here in the U.S. i can relate with ur favorite shows. as a matter of fact, i'm a fan of 4 of ur choices. hehe.

  4. LOL...I LOVE Wowowee! My in-laws have the TFC at their home, so I'd always watch it whenever I spent the night there. I always like seeing Pokwang's getup. She's so funny.

    I'll have mine done in a bit. Don't worry, I didn't forget. ;)

    ...also, you're righ: "Laughter is the best medicine." When you laugh or smile, it makes you look younger. Plus, there's nothing more sexy than hearing a woman laugh, you know! ;)

  5. Jenn: thanks.. i remember you also have TFC

    Bchai: thanks, too.. i'm glad you can also relate hehe. Good to know I'm sexy then.. LOL

  6. I loved reading this and learning more about you! :-) You did great with the winter thing, haha! My favorites were your 8 things you learned from the past - wonderful words of wisdom!!!!

    Thank you for the nice comment about Logan's pictures, as well as my husband & my love story!

    P.S. Since you're from the Philippines you might be interested in this post I wrote last April! http://momwriterme.blogspot.com/2009/04/pics-from-philippines-singapore-taiwan.html

    Have a terrific week!

  7. hi andrea, thanks, i'll check out the link and will definitely find time to check on your older posts :-)

  8. finally I"m here! :D, now I know why I can't find it, I didn't dig your postings deep enough..

    thanks for tagging me Jo.. I'll post mine soon.:)


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