conversation with grandma

My brother McAldz has been working in Abu Dhabi for almost 3 years now. Even though he's got a job there, it's not a job which afforded him some luxury, which explains why he would hardly make overseas calls to us. On one special occasion, he thought of calling our grandmother to check on her. He thought it would be a beautiful conversation with grandma considering that it had been a long time since they caught up on each other. However, instead of getting a good greeting from the other end of the line, he didn't expect to hear an angry voice.

Grandma: Wa ko nalipay sa imong gibuhat!
(Translation: I am not happy with what you did!)
McAldz (puzzled): Ngano man 'la, unsa diay akong gibuhat?
(Translation: Lola, why, what did I do?)
Grandma: Nganong karon pa man ka kahuna huna ug tawag nako?
(Translation: Why have you thought of calling me only today?)

LOL. I really found it funny when brother relayed this to me because he really thought he did a really major offense! Well, come to think of it, our elders are sensitive when it comes to affection and they would really appreciate our thoughtfulness. So, I guess, brother really did a major offense. And the rest of her grandchildren who forgets to find time to call her are guilty as well. :-)


  1. LOL, your poor brother. I guess I'd be mad too, if my grandchildren only called once in a blue moon. Still, it's the thought that counts, right? I bet your brother's going to call more often.

    Oh, and the rest of the grandkids! ;)

    I hope your brother can come home to see your family too.

  2. Oh no, this reminded me that I need to call both of my grandmothers - I haven't talked to them since Christmas :(

  3. bchai: you're right, it's still the thought that counts, LOL. well, im sure he'll be home soon.

    andrea: my last call was last new year, LOL. I'll catch up on grandma today :-)


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