brother's biggest achievement

After all the many things I've written about my brother Jason, I still feel like writing about him. Brother J had been my long time boardmate or housemate for many years before I got married and lived with my husband. In all those years where I became her guardian parent when he was still a student, I guess you can say that we've put up with one another, hehehe. I guess at some point (or shall I say 'at times') I was the typical 'overprotective' sister that most siblings would not dare wish to have. During my time, back in my student years, I've never really fooled around. I was the typical student and a home buddy. Sure, I have friends but they're also my kind. So, when it comes to brother and my younger sister, I thought it would help them be in the right path if I act as their sister disciplinarian but then I realized that this has not really helped at all, especially with my brother, because most of the time they would end up hating me for it. I'm not saying I'm not close with my siblings, though. It's just that there are lots of things that we disagree on. Let's probably just call it generation gap. Today I'm not wishing for anything more for my brother J but for him to fulfill what he wants to achieve in life. Now that he's not living with me and is now in another country, I was very happy when he told us that his biggest achievement is is his faith. So, to my brother, keep it up! Rock n Roll!


  1. You're so sweet. I bet your brother (and the rest of your siblings) cherish the times you all spent together. There's plenty of happy memories to go around. Do I sense that "ate" misses her little bro in this post? ;)

    There's nothing wrong with being the straight-laced, no-nonsense, and strict sibling in the bunch. Someone has to keep order, right?

    (I wouldn't mind if you were my sister though, but you'd probably get headaches from me!)

  2. hehe, i sure do miss my bro and the rest of my siblings. :-)

    hmmm, it'd be a challenge to become your sister, wanna try? LOL! maybe it'd be you who'll get those headaches ;-)

  3. You sound like a wonderful sister!!! Last week I read that you are 7 years older than your brother - that is the age difference between my brother & me, too :-)

    I'm glad you and your husband enjoyed reading my funny post about my husband and my conversation earlier this month, haha! And, that you enjoyed the pictures of my parents in the Philippines!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


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