Today Is My Bro's Birthday

Today is my brother's birthday! He's in Bahrain, so we couldn't be with him on his special day. So, as our birthday treat, we just made a simple video greeting courtesy of animoto and youtube (we didn't spend a penny on this one but you know it's A for effort hehehe) to greet him a happy birthday.

And as another birthday surprise, I will share to you mom's journal about him when he was still 8 years old.

Okay, Fight!!!

Jason, my youngest son when he was eight and one of his classmates became mortal enemies. I don't know why but I always hear them to be having boxing bouts everyday on very trivial things. This I've learned whenever he's home with cuts or bruise, sometimes only a scratch to indicate he has won at times.

One time, according to Jason, her Lola (my mother's sister-in-law) saw them fighting across the street. He was scolded and they were stopped and separated at one moment only to be surprised when her Lola then moved them back together and shouted "Okay, fight!!!" And they stared at her.


  1. Hahaha...granny's/parents are like that..I remember my 3 yrs old child versus her cousin 4 yrs old. during our vacay last year..they're fighting too and my husband do the same as what your Aunt are kids right?tc :)

  2. LOL. the granny acted like the referee to a boxing. it was really uncalled for hehehehe

  3. hi,

    we've got the same template.
    i followed you already..

  4. Happy Birthday to your brother! Hmm...boys seem to be more violent, huh? LOL. The way your lola made them fight is a funny story too. I bet they're like, "Well, why did you stop us in the first place?" ;)

  5. eikcaj: LOL. i just experimented on a new template. thanks for dropping by.

    bchai: exactly what i thought :-)

  6. Happy birthday to your brother! :)


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