jenneth's philippine wedding

We are happy to be part of Jenneth's Philippine wedding. It was already her second wedding--her first one took place in the U.S. where we shared the same wedding date.

That day was her happiest day, of course. She looked stunningly beautiful. This was her dream wedding and it was finally fulfilled. I am so happy for her I even left my seat to have my picture taken with the couple (I left my husband who hates to be in the limelight LOL).

Photo courtesy of Marie

Photo courtesy of Fotobooth Cebu


  1. I'll have to read her story. Thanks for sharing, hon! You and the hubby look wonderful in your picture together. It's nice to see you both there. Congratulations for your friend, as well. Weddings are so wonderful! ;)

  2. thanks for the compliment. hopefully this will inspire us to lose more pounds LOL

  3. me, you don't look overweight to me. Actually, you look real good. I don't know how many pounds your hubby gained, since it's hard to see in the shots, but he looks great too.

    Just stay active and WAIT UNTIL YOUR DAUGHTER STARTS RUNNING. Ooops, I meant walking. LOL. ;)

  4. jeff and me were glad to see u and tefen at our wedding jo. thanks pud kaau sa gift. amo jud gidala kay i luv the color then gamit pud kaau. :)
    i like our picture together kay all smile kaau ka, hehe. padulong na ni gawas sa church sah? nice..:)

  5. bchai: thanks. you're right, need to do more exercise so we can feel good about ourselves.

    jenn: yeah, going to another exciting part--the reception! LOL


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