is it time to get a new camera?

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I'm not really materialistic but I do believe that a camera is an important gadget that any family should have. The camera is a good friend which can help us document important events in our lives. Right now, I am slightly sad--I won't be able to take very beautiful pictures anymore with my 2 year old Canon Powershot A430! No matter what adjustments I would make, there would be white horizontal stripes that would appear on the photos (I can still take good videos from it though). I made a research about it and it's really one of the problems encountered by users of this camera, after years of good use. We'll try to contact the service center one of these days and find out if this could still be fixed and if we won't get heavily charged with the cost of repair else we will have to save up for a new one. This camera, even though I would agree that it is a camera for amateurs, has a sentimental value to me. It was a Valentine gift from my ex-boyfriend who is now my hubby.


  1. ...and Canons are really such great cameras. Ask Van, since she's a Canon gal. (I have an older one myself.) LOL. I think you should keep it, if you can get it fixed. I don't know how easily accessible other brands are in your area, but if you can't fix the camera, see if there's another one within your price range.

    I know it's a sentimental value to you, so you can always keep it. :)

    At least we still get to see vids of Dipx2!

  2. yeah, I'll have a 1 min+ video ready on my next post LOL


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