i'll make 2010 a great year for me and my family

what can i say? i've been gone for quite some time and you already are probably used to it that you hardly noticed my absence!

just to make a quick update-- last year had been a very busy year. it may sound like a template for a good alibi but that's the truth. i'm still adjusting to this work at home stuff and everything else in between minus the blogging. for a while i had been thinking if keeping a personal blog would somehow make me less of a work at home employee that i didn't realize that i have actually deprived myself from doing what i love to do for my very own personal satisfaction. personal blogging is a hobby i cannot afford to dismiss; so, i'd like to welcome myself back to this blogging world.

and if it's not yet too late to write down my new year's resolution~~

i'll make 2010 a great year for me and my family!

how? i'll just share my thoughts on my future post. no, it's not procrastination. it's suspense. :-) just let me catch some time to gather all my thoughts because i just thought about it today. LOL


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