here's to all of my friends!

What do we call people
Who are more than just acquaintances
When you can't forget about them
When you smile at the thought of them
When you hope to see them once again
When you wonder how they are after all this time
They are our F R I E N D S
Time, distance and ambitions can separate all of us together
But the mark of a real friendship will always be there...

Note: Friends are not only limited to pictures you can see below... :-)


  1. kina-kantahan kaau ka mare! glad you still have our office pic. there is something to remind me hehehe ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. shan: you're right! look at you now, so much has already changed.. you've bloomed like a really beautiful flower

    marie: waaaaaaaaaaaaaa hehehe

  4. What a nice tribute to your friends! It's great to see happy faces and memories. Also, you keep in touch with them, so that's even better! ;)

  5. hahahha. makakatawa man ko sa akong dagway diri jo oi, pero in fairness nice kay naa pa diay ka remembrance sa mga kagahapon, hehehe.


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