dipdip learns to walk at 9 months!

We are just so amazed to see Dipdip starting to walk confidently and bravely, although these are just small steps yet. She has practised this walking exercise inside her crib turned playpen less than a month ago. Now she will not even appreciate the walker that we bought her. She wants to try and take the steps without anyone holding her.

Well, isn't she adorable in this video? I'm not in the video here since I took the shot by the window upstairs while she and her Ate Virgie (the nanny) are out to get fresh air.


  1. wow,she already walks at 9 months?Owwsss so cute baby..congratulations..Well just dropping by...

  2. YAY!!!! What a cutie pie! You know what comes next, right? R U N N I N G! Get ready, momma, because your little girl's gonna start running everywhere! Good job, Dipx2! Mwuah!

  3. ka cute bya ni dipdip oi. hala hapit na naa na unya kay dalaga jo. hehe. luv yah dip2x. mwah.

  4. mwahhhhh.. thank you mga titas! -dipdip

  5. wow! nagwalk na si Dip2x! sunod ana Jo, masuko na papaulion ;).

    I wonder when will my boy walk?

  6. thanks 'iet. hmmm, mabunalan man kaha hehehe. paabot abuta lang, you know how time flies


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