Care for some Valentine's Day Gifts?

Love day is coming up! Yes, it's definitely one special time to celebrate this great feeling that we have for our loved ones. In my opinion, even though we can show and express our love everyday, it takes one very special day like Valentine's Day to let the person we hold close to our hearts feel even more special. Yes, I am not talking about lavish Valentine's Day Gifts really, but if you can afford it, why not? Still, I do not believe that the value of the gift will be the best and true measure of one's great love. Agree or disagree? Oftentimes, we hear of people getting everything they want from their partner but they still can't really be certain of their partner's faithfulness to them. However, it would be twice or thrice the happiness if you can get the best of both worlds. Come to think of it, Valentine's Day is not just for a man courting a woman, or for a husband wooing his wife. This is for everybody--love for a child to his parents and vice versa, love for your grandmother, love for a friend and for every significant person in our lives! So, on a special day like this, think not what you can get from your loved ones as a special gift or treat. Think of what you can give to them, in whatever form, without expecting anything in return.


  1. Cute teddy bears! (...and, no, I don't like receiving gifts, I just like giving them.)

    V-day's an exception though. Give me chocolates and no one will get hurt. ;)

  2. thanks, i love chocolates, too! thanks for reminding me.. i haven't eaten chocolates for some time now...


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