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the many faces of my baby

This is Dipdip when she's serious... This is Dipdip when she's in a good mood... But when she's irked and angry, BEWARE.... You're gonna be sorry you made her angry... (although you can take the safety precaution of protecting your eardrums ahead of time) She was so angry that she was at the top of her lungs shouting and blurting out a few syllables. Notice her clenching her fist, too. Her Ate Virgie (the nanny) jokingly teased her by snatching away her favorite stuffed toy.  Poor baby . And her mama, instead of stopping Ate Virgie from teasing her, took these shots! Sorry baby. Just wanted to have some souvenir shots (er, video turned photos--camera is still sick). It won't happen again. :-)

Care for some Valentine's Day Gifts?

Love day is coming up! Yes, it's definitely one special time to celebrate this great feeling that we have for our loved ones. In my opinion, even though we can show and express our love everyday, it takes one very special day like Valentine's Day to let the person we hold close to our hearts feel even more special. Yes, I am not talking about lavish Valentine's Day Gifts really, but if you can afford it, why not? Still, I do not believe that the value of the gift will be the best and true measure of one's great love. Agree or disagree? Oftentimes, we hear of people getting everything they want from their partner but they still can't really be certain of their partner's faithfulness to them. However, it would be twice or thrice the happiness if you can get the best of both worlds. Come to think of it, Valentine's Day is not just for a man courting a woman, or for a husband wooing his wife. This is for everybody--love for a child to his parents and vice vers

it's my sister's turn to get blogged

Meet my sister Jemjem. She's a call center agent. But did you know that when she was eight, she already had some potential? Little did we know she had the makings of a call center agent. Hehehe, what was I trying to say? LOL, just like my brother Jason, she's in mom's journal, too. Read on below what was written about her. :-) Poster Memory My 16 yr. old daughter's door has a poster that says " Everytime I finally get it all together, I forget where I put it!" I do not know this line could be used by my 8 yr. old daughter [Jemjem]. She has memorized this since it is pasted in front of the door opposite our dining table. Everytime she eats, she gets the chance to read this and has committed it to memory without really trying. Finally, she has used this line when her balikbayan cousin, a U.S. citizen, has asked her questions which she do not know how to answer fluently in English. When this 2-yr old girl asked her, "Where's my magic spring? I wa

Today Is My Bro's Birthday

Today is my brother's birthday! He's in Bahrain, so we couldn't be with him on his special day. So, as our birthday treat, we just made a simple video greeting courtesy of animoto and youtube (we didn't spend a penny on this one but you know it's A for effort hehehe) to greet him a happy birthday. And as another birthday surprise, I will share to you mom's journal about him when he was still 8 years old. Okay, Fight!!! Jason, my youngest son when he was eight and one of his classmates became mortal enemies. I don't know why but I always hear them to be having boxing bouts everyday on very trivial things. This I've learned whenever he's home with cuts or bruise, sometimes only a scratch to indicate he has won at times. One time, according to Jason, her Lola (my mother's sister-in-law) saw them fighting across the street. He was scolded and they were stopped and separated at one moment only to be surprised when her Lola then moved them ba

desperate for shots

Yesterday, we went to the mall to pay a bill that can't be done electronically. We also thought it would be a good chance to visit the Canon outlet where we bought the camera more than two years ago. We were supposed to inquire about the cost of the repair but, unfortunately, the said store or service center has already moved to a different location. I just could not accept the fact that the horizontal stripes appearing in every shot would prevent me from having our photos taken. I wonder how long it would take until we can finally have it fixed? Hmmmm, since I wanted to have photos of us together, I thought why not use the video part of the camera? I can take photos or snapshots from it through Windows Movie Maker, anyway. So, can we call it Filipino ingenuity or am I just trying to be mrs. practical? :-) Would it be right to say that "the end justifies the means"? :-)

the prequel to the writer and the pen

When it comes to my mom, I will never run out of stories to tell even when she is now already with the Lord. We got along very well except for those tiny things like using her pens and losing them eventually that it would really send her irate. I know mom wouldn't mind if I share what she had written on her journal because she was supposed to have this one published. DIARY'S DIARY by Mommy Diana I was folding my eldest daughter's clothings when I noticed a two-year old diary. I have 2 feelings when I saw it: One, is to read it out of curiosity ; the other is to ignore it as something trivial or inane. Then a thought came as suddenly as I was about to set it aside, that of knowing how I rated with her as a mother, either she loves me or hates me. As a full-time wife and mother, I thought I could read something flattering that could encourage me to do better than before if not my best. As I was scanning the pages which are of value to me, I finally ran my fingers

dipdip learns to walk at 9 months!

We are just so amazed to see Dipdip starting to walk confidently and bravely, although these are just small steps yet. She has practised this walking exercise inside her crib turned playpen less than a month ago. Now she will not even appreciate the walker that we bought her. She wants to try and take the steps without anyone holding her. Well, isn't she adorable in this video? I'm not in the video here since I took the shot by the window upstairs while she and her Ate Virgie (the nanny) are out to get fresh air.

is it time to get a new camera?

* Photo courtesy of photobucket I'm not really materialistic but I do believe that a camera is an important gadget that any family should have. The camera is a good friend which can help us document important events in our lives. Right now, I am slightly sad--I won't be able to take very beautiful pictures anymore with my 2 year old Canon Powershot A430! No matter what adjustments I would make, there would be white horizontal stripes that would appear on the photos (I can still take good videos from it though). I made a research about it and it's really one of the problems encountered by users of this camera, after years of good use. We'll try to contact the service center one of these days and find out if this could still be fixed and if we won't get heavily charged with the cost of repair else we will have to save up for a new one. This camera, even though I would agree that it is a camera for amateurs, has a sentimental value to me. It was a Valentine gift from

jenneth's philippine wedding

We are happy to be part of Jenneth's Philippine wedding . It was already her second wedding--her first one took place in the U.S. where we shared the same wedding date. That day was her happiest day, of course. She looked stunningly beautiful. This was her dream wedding and it was finally fulfilled. I am so happy for her I even left my seat to have my picture taken with the couple (I left my husband who hates to be in the limelight LOL). Photo courtesy of Marie Photo courtesy of Fotobooth Cebu

the writer and the pen

I remember a time during my high school days when I kept losing my pen that I have to borrow my mom's. Actually, 'borrow' is not the term for it because I had to use it without her permission. What's worse about it is that I usually end up losing her precious pen. I can't remember how many times I have been scolded for running off with her pen and losing it at school and then eventually she would have to buy a new one for herself--the cycle never ended until I graduated high school. Writing had always been her passion and the pen was her only tool to write down her thoughts. In fact, we both agreed that a writer should never run out of pen and paper wherever he or she goes. So, when I finally got a job, I had the chance to buy personalized pens for her and the rest of the family. More than everyone else, she was so happy with the gift. If my mom's still alive today and now that it is no longer that expensive to own a computer and hook up with the Internet, she w

here's to all of my friends!

What do we call people Who are more than just acquaintances When you can't forget about them When you smile at the thought of them When you hope to see them once again When you wonder how they are after all this time They are our F R I E N D S Time, distance and ambitions can separate all of us together But the mark of a real friendship will always be there... Note: Friends are not only limited to pictures you can see below... :-)

i'll make 2010 a great year for me and my family

what can i say? i've been gone for quite some time and you already are probably used to it that you hardly noticed my absence! just to make a quick update-- last year had been a very busy year. it may sound like a template for a good alibi but that's the truth. i'm still adjusting to this work at home stuff and everything else in between minus the blogging. for a while i had been thinking if keeping a personal blog would somehow make me less of a work at home employee that i didn't realize that i have actually deprived myself from doing what i love to do for my very own personal satisfaction. personal blogging is a hobby i cannot afford to dismiss; so, i'd like to welcome myself back to this blogging world. and if it's not yet too late to write down my new year's resolution~~ i'll make 2010 a great year for me and my family! how? i'll just share my thoughts on my future post. no, it's not procrastination. it's suspense. :-) just let me