on losing and finding again

I know I need to sleep right now. It is almost two a.m. but I thought I should write about God's goodness. In fact, hubby and I thought of creating a blog that's dedicated only to write about the goodness and greatness of God and anything related to our faith in Him.

First of all, we are not saints or saintly. I mean, we make mistakes, we keep making mistakes. We even miss to go to Sunday mass sometimes for many different reasons that are not sometimes valid. Now, I'm thinking what valid reason can you ever think of for not putting God first? Maybe if you were so sick that you couldn't get out of bed. I also do confess that there were times that I forget to pray before I go to sleep because I would sometimes come to bed already too sleepy to do that. And everytime I wake up, it makes me feel GUILTY everytime I realized I skipped saying my prayers.

Yes, I would feel very guilty because God has been very good to us. We may have trials but He was and is always there to help us. So far, there weren't any trials that didn't have any solutions just when we needed it.

Lately, we started to worry again about a lot of things--things pertaining to financial stability and other concerns. It's always the present and the future that we are worried about. We often ask ourselves, "Why do things happen so unexpectedly?"

Sometimes we come to a point where we question God why He allows unpleasant things to happen. In fact, I felt so sad and depressed about the Maguindanao massacre that's been on the news. When you really think about it, you would really wonder and cry out "Lord, how did you allow these things to happen? Why did you allow such brutal killings?" Yeah, I felt that way when I saw it on the news. And my husband was again quick to remind me that I shouldn't question God. Things always happen for a reason. God has reasons for everything that our human minds sometimes could not understand. Without "leaning on our own understanding," we just simply have to trust in the Lord.

Speaking of unpleasant things, this is a testimony of God's goodness. Effective on the 30th of November, my hubby lost his job. Well, retrenchment news is no real shocker to almost anyone anymore. But in our case, it is still a cause for worry. But we still prayed to God that He will help us in every journey, through victory or difficulty. You know what, it is really true -- God will replace everything that we have lost, we just need to have that faith. On December 1st, he got a new job. God replaced it with an even much-better paying full time home-based job. And now both of us are into home-based. Now, we are going anywhere and wherever God would take us, no questions asked!


  1. blessed are the faithfuls! just always remember that you're not alone in your journey. trials would always come to test our faith and make us wise and strong. your post reminds me to renew my faith, not that i lost it but i have not been an active christian lately. i don't even remember the last time i went to church (sigh) but i do remember that i have asked Him for some help and positively answered my prayers.

  2. I'm glad you have such an optimistic view on God and your religion. Sadly, most people don't nowadays, and it's so easy to blame God or religion when things don't go planned or awry. I am glad that you & your hubby have such strong faith in God and yourselves.

    "Faith is not belief. Belief is passive. Faith is active." Edith Hamilton

    Also, I'm glad you and your husband are now at home and able to care for Dipx2. :)

  3. thank you, juliet. i know what you've been through as well. let's not lose our faith in Him.

    thank you bchai! we're definitely taking advantage of the situation. positivity works! you know, that thing they call blessing in disguise always happens.

  4. Jo, what's that job maybe I can try applying that one.... I'm also looking for work right now..

    Remember the song "I was Falling"?.. do you have lyrics about this song?.. I googled it but unfortunately I can't find it in the net..

  5. hehehe.. van, i'll teach you how to look for the job you would love to do.. chat nya ta. By the way, the correct title you should be searching for is "The Lord Is My Strength". Try this link van

  6. hahahaha that's why wa ko kakita co'z wrong title man diay ako search! pastilan! LOLOLOL!!!!!

  7. jo, mao na ingon na pinangga jud ka sa Lord. :) kiss ko dipdip


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