in memory of mom 2009

It has been two years since our dearest mom has left us to join our Creator. And so again, in her honor and loving memory, hubby and I (with little Dipdip and her nanny) went to Compostela to reunite with my grandmother and the rest of our relatives in remembering her death anniversary. Dad was stuck in Medellin because he was expected to attend the company's Christmas party the day after. My sister was with him that day to attend mass and cook for him in lieu of remembering mom. Both of my brothers are out of the country, so literally we're one little 'scattered' family after mom left us. So you see why I will always miss mom? She makes me miss my whole family. When she was here in this world, we always had the chance to be a complete family. I still miss her a lot. I will always do. She is also the reason why I would love to pursue a career in writing because it is our common passion. Finally, I made it happen. And this career I am talking about has saved me from being unemployed. So, you see, she has never really left after all because she is here to stay in my heart!

the saddest time 2007


  1. I hope this Christmas you'll get to show Dipx2 some holiday traditions you used to share with your mom and family. Although you and your siblings are scattered throughout the world, you can still keep the holiday memories alive by doing the things you all did as children (or adults). ;)

    Happy holidays to you, your hubby, and Dipx2! This is her first Christmas---yay!

  2. thank you bchai.. sorry for this very late reply, the holidays have really kept me away from my hobby.. merry christmas to you too, mwah


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