Christmas 2009: Missing My Bros!

Christmas is all about family. This is why I feel a little sad to know that I'll be missing my two brothers this Christmas 2009. I don't know why I miss them when all they do is try not to be around home almost all the time. I feel like they wanted to be with their friends rather than be at home celebrating the holidays. Oh yeah, maybe that's how brothers are. They show up at noche buenas and then sneak out to see their peers, have silly conversations with them, and enjoy getting drunk and all that. Still, despite all that fact, I miss my two brothers. Such sweet fellas hekhekhek. It's like they've been gone for a really longgggg time.
Merry Christmas, bros! Hope to see you both soon.


  1. Boys will be boys, but I'm assuming your bros are still young. You know how much fun you want to have when you're young! LOL.

    Maybe when they've settled down, they'll be more family-oriented. I've seen it happen to my middle brother. Now he calls out of nowhere just to chat. ;)

  2. jo asa na diay ni si john (naka white)? abroad na? hehehe

  3. bchai: thanks.. actually the one with the glasses on is the eldest, the one without glasses is next to me. you are right, boys will always be boys :-)

    shanix: jason is in bahrain


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