Thanksgiving Day: Dipdip Is 8 months old!

It's been awhile since I've posted more updates about Dipdip, our dear little princess. She is now 8 months old! She's a cheerful little darling, much like her own mother. The house would only turn like a library when she's asleep but when she's awake, be prepared for her noisy chants and screams :-). Her two front teeth is showing now and she can already stand up when she holds on to something like the sides of her crib turned playpen. I'm so happy to have witnessed all of this as her mom.


  1. just wait when she takes her first steps... your house would be like it's been hit by typhoon ondoy! lol!

  2. nice shots for Dipdip, makalingaw na jud Jo!

  3. juliet - thanks for the warning. i'll have time to prepare then.

    shanix - yeah, lingaw jud. dipdip makes me happy. so so happy everyday.. :)

  4. I see your next fashionista! She'll be gracing the covers of the next fashion magazines in no time! ;)

  5. wow, i'll definitely look forward to that! hehehe who knows


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