still looking forward to a happy Christmas!

I'd still like to think about having a happy Christmas! However, even up to this time, it still gets me. You know, this whole thing that I have to go through. The days before Christmas. I really can't get past it until now. Everytime December gets nearer, my heart is less than happy because it makes me miss my mom even more. Somehow, December would always remind me of the time that we lost her. You can't blame me. I am my mom's daughter. I will always be thinking of her and I will always remember the beautiful memories I had with her.

So, to all of you sons and daughters out there. Seize the times or the moments that you still have the chance to be with your mom or your parents. You'll never know how much chance you've got!

Here's an old picture of me with my mom(+) and dad... I will always be their loving daughter :-)


  1. It's always hard to lose your loved ones, but harder when they pass away near holidays. I hope that it's not too rough on you this year and that you have a wonderful celebration with your family. Oh, and Dipx2's going to be celebrating her FIRST Christmas!!!

    Great shot of you with your parents!

  2. thanks bchai.. yeah, you are right, it'd be her very first Christmas with us! I didn't realize that until right now, thanks to you hehehe


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