An October to Remember

October was a special month. The last week of the month, that is. My baby turned seven months last October 26th, hubby and I had our second wedding anniversary on the 27th and then celebrated my husband’s birthday on the 30th. We celebrated them in our own way. We didn’t invite some friends over because we’re a little tight with money. Will that pass for a perfect excuse? Hmmm, I see lots of agreeing heads. Anyone who has a monthly housing amortization to pay plus a less than a year old baby can probably relate to our situation. But if I look at how my daughter grows up each day with a beautiful smile on her face, I felt like we’re one of the richest couples. And that is something that money cannot pay. *wink*

My in-laws came over on the 31st. It was like a belated birthday celebration of hubby. My husband and I, who were supposed to be the hosts of the celebration, didn’t get to spend a single penny because they brought some food and drinks with them when they got here. Dad arrived in the afternoon where he also joined in the celebration. It was one whole day of fun and laughter. If you happen to know my husband’s side of the family, you would know why. :)


  1. I'm glad October turned out to be such a wonderful month for you guys! No pictures? ;) You forgot to post pics! LOL. Just kidding---I know you're one busy lady!

    Glad you guys had a great time and I bet November's gonna be a BLAST as well.

  2. thanks bchai.. hehe sorry for the late replies.. haha, indeed there aren't any pictures but i just added a link to a small video that hubby created for that october thing.. :-)


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