My Legacies In Life

It's been thirty-three years of existence, and still counting, and yet at this point in time, I felt like I haven't really done much. Or have I? I think and I know there's still so much more to achieve.

I don't have to be a perfectionist to be able to realize that I can go through life better than this. So much better than this. I didn't mean the material things because they're just passing fancies. Everything and everyone will all come to pass. Pondering on these things, I just realized that I've already hit my middle age, that is, if you look at the current average life span of a human being. And yet, at this stage in my life, I felt like there are lots of things that are left undone. Frankly, I really don't know why. I guess I'm just so afraid life won't permit me to fulfill all my dreams for my family while I still can. I'd like to see my daughter grow up, go to school, have a job, and have a family of her own. Or who knows, she just might have a sibling one day, too. I kept praying to God to give me more time with my family. Quality time, that is.

Since I can no longer hold the years back, I'd like to be able to leave some legacy, if not for everyone to remember me by, then at least for my family so they will always think of me.

They say we can do these things, but not necessarily in this order, to leave some legacies in this life:

1. Plant A Tree. This is something I have not done yet. I've planted crops but not a tree. A tree is a good legacy especially if you plant the perennial type. When I leave this world and the tree has grown, and continued to bear fruits, they will always think of the one who planted the tree. Well, hopefully.

2. Have A Child. If you have children and especially if they grow to be the best of your kind, people will remember the tree (the parent) who bore the fruit (the child). I think I already have some points in this "criteria", if I can call it that. :-)

3. Write A Book. If you write a book, especially if it's a good one, people will remember the author and will get recognized for the work. Well, I'm working on it. If doing some blogging won't pass for this third requirement, then I'll be working on it.

4. Reach Out to People. I've added this as another legacy that I think not any person would want to do but I'd like to be able to do this my own way and in any way I can.

I am just so grateful I still have time to do what I have to do. In general, I've already made a legacy by being thirty-three, a wife, and a mom to a beautiful daughter (and a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend, a relative, etc.)...


  1. i never would've thought you're 33, you look very young (belated happy birthday btw)

    and yes, that writing a book thing, i also thought about that, mine is of a journal compilation type rather than a do-it-yourself commercial book kinda ... i'd like to think that our blogs would pass the criteria, don't you think so? ...

  2. belated happy birthday .. happy na ... birthday pa ...

    padugang sa imong legacy ... wala lage imong referral link sa ppp ... hehehe

  3. Happy birthday, sweetie. You're only 33 years YOUNG. You've got a lot of birthdays to spend with your loved ones and your beloved Dipx2, so always, always look forward to them!

    ...oh, and I hope you can find time to plant that tree (along with the other things on your list)! ;)

  4. master pearl- thanks! yeah, i'd like to think so, too :-) because our blogs are a labor of love, although i'm worried about it being archived somewhere else when our kids have grown..

    juliet- thanks mommy neighbor! miss you at work :-)

    bchai- thank you my friend.. i'm still looking for a good piece of land to plant on. haha, we're not allowed to plant here in our humble housing.. gotta obey the rules they're making coz we're still paying monthly amort. LOL


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