we're still young and in love!

It's been two years since I’ve been married to a wonderful person. In these two years, I’ve realized over and over again just how lucky I am to be married to him. There’s no one else like him and if I were to go back to being single again, I would still want to be married to him. That is, if he would still find me to be the right one for him. I certainly hope so. You see, life is beautiful being with him. It even became more beautiful when we already have a daughter. Oh, how my life has really changed!


  1. ... could not forget how tepen handed that bunch of flowers to a clueless joanne marie! weeehehehe... happy anniversary!

  2. too bad i wasn't there to witness how this love story started ... but it sure gets me excited just thinking about it ... am so happy for both of you, wish you all the best, now and ever!!

  3. congrats to both of you! keep sweet and stay strong ... may the coming years ahead be filled with happiness and more blessings for you both

  4. Happy Anniversary Jo and Tefen! More blissful years to come..Miss u both!

    P.S. I notice the new layout. Nice color. Kinsa nag design?

  5. Happy anniversary, you lovebirds! I wish you and your hubby a happy (belated) anniversary with many more to come!

  6. thank you guys.. i'll try to be more prompt with my reply to comments next time..

    net: check at the bottom of the page for the layout credits. i got the layout and design when I searched for free blogger templates. I loved the new color, it's totally refreshing. :)


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