Update 911

Update update update! It's been eleven days since I've been at home with my daughter. I pretty much haven't done anything except for those few small writing opportunities. Oh, you have no idea how MUCH I missed bonding with my daughter! You see, she's almost on her sixth month and I enjoy every knowing look and smile she throws at me. I enjoy every minute of playtime with Dipdip that it's just so hard to do anything else. Hehehe. Anyway, beginning today, I'm gonna try harder and get more online work. I still have so much time, though. Procrastinator me! :)


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Look at d'em pretty eyes! She's such a cutie pie! I'm glad you've got a bit of time to spend with your little girl. Didx2 seems to be enjoying having her mommy with her too! :)

  2. heheh nalingaw ko nagtan aw ni bb dipdip dah. oi jo, unsa na diay YM address imo gamit karon?

  3. makalingaw na jud jo, kusog na mokatawa hehehehe.

  4. bchai and shanix: thanks! cheers to us! we are all proud mommies to our babies :)

    jenn: thanks. she's really a sweet baby. Im using meretrisha account *wink*


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