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If you've noticed, I just got a new domain! No, I didn't buy it myself. I take credit from my fairy godfriend Jenn Lord. Oh my sweet Lord, thanks for this new domain. Hopefully next year, I will be the one to renew it. Thanks again!See you on your wedding.

So it's now with the blogspot removed. If you're wondering why I used joannamashka. It's because was already taken. I could've used walkthroughlife too but it's already taken as well. Then I remembered a good friend of mine Coco who used to call me "Mashka" during high school, a name taken from a character in one of the pocketbooks she came across reading. So it's a combination of Joanne and Mashka, joannamashka. Like you really wanna know the story. Hehehe. Like I really wanna sing right now "I'm nothing special.. in fact, I'm a bit of a bore~~~"

And don't ask me how I got meretrisha. I coined it myself. It's definitely not taken from the word meretricious. LOL. Please don't even try to look it up on the dictionary, you wouldn't like it.

I miss you all here friends and co-bloggers!


  1. hahaha, nalingaw ko basa sa post dah. i've been wondering myself why mashka or meretrisha but i just didn't ask knowing you, hehe. you're creative. you're welcome diay jo. regards ni bb dip.

  2. Wow! Jenn is really COOl! ;)

    Congrats on the new domain, hun! I'm still too lazy to buy one for blogspot, although my wordpress is on its own. LOL.

    ...and DO tell us how you got "meretrisha" one of these days. It'll make for an interesting post!

  3. Bchai, I wish I can make up a great story. I don't know how I came up with it. LOL


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