my gummy dipdip

Lately, our little angel has been experiencing some discomfort because of her swelling gums. I don’t know when a tooth or two will show up completely but I can already see something white through her lower gums. I feel sad for her. If only I have the power to take away all the pain she’s feeling, I would gladly take her place. Despite all the discomfort, over all, she’s still a cheerful baby. I’m proud to say that she’s generally a happy baby. Not cranky. She would still smile at me as if trying to assure me that she can handle everything. Every time she’s feeling some discomfort and pain, I would just carry her and sing her some songs and she would just pinch my flabby (ouch!) arms and then she would seem to be okay. I love it when she looks and smiles at me. After that, I would already hear her saying something. Yeah, I can’t wait till I would hear her say “Mama”. As for now, I just hope she can get through her teething with less and less pain.


  1. This worked with Rome---metals. Chewing on keys worked WONDERS with him. Actually, chewing on metal will kinda ease it a bit, if nothing helps. Some people swear up and down on teething toys, but they didn't work with the boy. He liked metal for some reason. Try it and see if that works.

  2. parehas atong mga anak jo. si petite kay na yayay ron. nag ngipon pud.

    when times like this, i give her something to bite, empty plastic bottle of coke/pepsi or the one i bought, the rubber toy for teether.

    hope atong anak will be fine soon.

  3. thanks bchai.. we'll look for metals. im wondering if we should buy new keys. LOL.

    shan, yeah, i'm feeling for my daughter. she's very noisy now like she's complaining about the pain


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