dipdip attempts to sit

My in-laws predicted that my daughter will skip the crawling stage and that it won't be long until she would learn how to sit, stand and walk by herself. Well, I noticed that one too everytime I would let her play longer on the crib or in our bed. Her attempts were not to crawl but to sit. Yesterday, she almost succeeded sitting on her own but it would probably take a little more energy to do that because of her weight. LOL. I took a video of her but I'll just place some snapshots of it here. I already envisioned myself sweating from chasing after her the moment she learns how to run.

It looks like she has almost outgrown her crib and I find it too small for a playpen. LOL. I guess it's time to discuss with her father about getting something safer for her age and built.


  1. [CLAPS HANDS]...

    YAY! She really looks like she's trying too! You know, girls tend to develop faster than boys, so I bet she'll be having mommy + daddy run after her around the 10 - 11 month mark! :) (Or earlier!)

  2. Yehey, I'm excited to run after her.. I can't wait to lose more pounds


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