Dipdip at six months!

Despite the not-so-good weather today, we brought Dipdip to her pediatrician. It's her last shot of the 6-in-1 vaccine. I can't help but brag about my daughter, she's so brave. She didn't let out a loud cry. She was only teary-eyed because the one holding her leg (the pedia's personal assistant) was not familiar to her anymore but she already smiled when she saw her mom (ahem!) beside the assistant. Just like her previous shots, her pedia was amazed because she has endured all the pain coming from the needle that pricked her skin. She would just give a surprise look on her face and look at her doctor. After that, it was like nothing has happened. I guess she was already used to the needle when she was just a newborn. She had a couple of shots after I delivered her via Caesarian because she had a little infection when she was inside my womb. Her last vaccine (Measles) will not be due until she reaches nine months.

Incidentally, it's her sixth month today. Time to change her infant formula Enfalac to a milk supplement Enfapro! By the way, this is not paid advertisment, LOL. We were also advised to start feeding her some cereals and then later on mashed potatoes, mashed carrots. I wished I was taking down notes but I believe my memory's still working. Anyhow, everything is just a Google away. I will also review Bchai's post from the time she started feeding her own Rome. Oh, I'm pretty much excited about feeding her, although I'm not so looking forward to the new smell of her poop. HEHEHE


  1. ka cute jud ni bb oi. smiling kaau. liwat nimo jo happy face all the tiime.

  2. LOL...it's not so bad---the poop, I mean. It'll be a little more substantial, but SMELLY. Hah hah! You'll see...

    She's such a cutie pie!


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