babies are only young once

A week after I received my retrenchment notice, I had another talk with the big boss. He offered me a new project that could somehow delay my retrenchment for another two months or more. It was so kind of him to have re-considered me for another project but I guess my mind was already set that I will be home after August 31st, after having signed all the papers. Add to that, the circumstances leading to the termination of Dipdip's nanny seemed to be in favor of my plan to stay at home with Dipdip. Without burning any bridges, I told him I'm gonna try and make this home-based thing work but when all else fails, I would surely like to come back like a prodigal daughter, if I'm still welcome. Else, it'd then be the time to look elsewhere. I knew he understood because he respected my decision. In fact, I will never forget when he told me this, "Babies are only young once." And he's most definitely right! As Dipdip's mom, I want to be near her, to look after her, and to see her grow up. I'm just hoping against hope that everything goes well as planned. May the Lord guide me in everything that I do.


  1. Your boss is right: babies are only young once. I can't believe they grow SO fast! Enjoy every little moment you can with your daughter, and when you do have to go back to work, you'll cherish the time you had with her. ;)

    Everything will work out, you'll see. I think you'll find something that works best for both you and your family.

  2. thanks bchai. i'll start with optimism. :)

  3. this is so true jo. me personally if i have my own baby pud, id like to be a hands on mom until they are ready for school. pero unsaon wala pa man pud ko bb hehehe but yeah babies are young only once so make the most out of it. see yah!


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