babies and politics

Do you know that babies also have a say in politics? I didn't know that until my 5 months+ Pauline gave her own version of a "Laban" sign when I took her picture (look at her hand). I guess she's saying that she's rooting for Noynoy Aquino (son of late President Cory Aquino) to be President in 2010. Maybe this picture would help Noynoy end his retreat and make that final decision. :)

Mama, what has that got to do with this picture?


  1. hahaha, ka cute ni bb dipdip oi.

  2. :) i signed her up as a member of MYMP (make your mama proud) hehehe

  3. What a DOLL! She makes me want to cuddle and squeeze her in this pic! Too bad I can't reach in there and hold her! :)

  4. hi bchai, i've cuddled and squeezed her for you :)

  5. mo lingkod na jud si dip dip. ah jo sunod magsunod sunod naka ana kay mokamang hehehe. nice shot


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