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Dipdip at six months!

Despite the not-so-good weather today, we brought Dipdip to her pediatrician. It's her last shot of the 6-in-1 vaccine. I can't help but brag about my daughter, she's so brave. She didn't let out a loud cry. She was only teary-eyed because the one holding her leg (the pedia's personal assistant) was not familiar to her anymore but she already smiled when she saw her mom (ahem!) beside the assistant. Just like her previous shots, her pedia was amazed because she has endured all the pain coming from the needle that pricked her skin. She would just give a surprise look on her face and look at her doctor. After that, it was like nothing has happened. I guess she was already used to the needle when she was just a newborn. She had a couple of shots after I delivered her via Caesarian because she had a little infection when she was inside my womb. Her last vaccine (Measles) will not be due until she reaches nine months. Incidentally, it's her sixth month today. Tim

how silly can you get?

I'd like to share some of the silly things I did before. I thought I should write about this so they don't go deleted from my memory. :) When I was seven years old I had fever that day but I refused to stay at home. I went against my parents' decision to be absent from school. I don't know if you can call it "karma" or it may just not be my lucky day after all but I got myself soaked and wet from my hips all the way down. My skirt, underwear, shoes and socks were all wet! It's either someone (a silly classmate) pushed me swimming to a large fish pond at school or I must have slipped from where I was standing while I was fish watching with classmates. I had to go home to change. Thankfully, my fever went away. Obviously, I got a little spanking from mom after that. When I was in college When I was in my first year in college, I wore high-heeled shoes to go with my blouse and skirt uniform. There was a time when I didn't watch my steps. I slipped m

dipdip attempts to sit

My in-laws predicted that my daughter will skip the crawling stage and that it won't be long until she would learn how to sit, stand and walk by herself. Well, I noticed that one too everytime I would let her play longer on the crib or in our bed. Her attempts were not to crawl but to sit. Yesterday, she almost succeeded sitting on her own but it would probably take a little more energy to do that because of her weight. LOL. I took a video of her but I'll just place some snapshots of it here. I already envisioned myself sweating from chasing after her the moment she learns how to run. It looks like she has almost outgrown her crib and I find it too small for a playpen. LOL. I guess it's time to discuss with her father about getting something safer for her age and built.

save space on bunk beds

One great way to save on space when getting beds for your kids is to invest on Bunk Beds. Like in our case, our house has only two rooms, so I guess it would be practical to have this kind of bed in another room. Because our daughter Dipdip is still a baby, she still has to sleep in our room. The other room is still empty and it wouldn't be long until Dipdip would want to have that room for herself. Later on, if she will have a brother or a sister, they can share the same room and there's already a bed waiting for the new member of the family. Even if she will be our only daughter, it would still be cool to get a bunk bed in her room, wouldn't you say? At least, there will always be an extra bed for a cousin coming to sleep over. So if you're looking for space-saving beds for your kids, you might want to consider ordering one of those modern wood bunk beds with great-looking European designs from Spacify.

my own mashka domain

If you've noticed, I just got a new domain! No, I didn't buy it myself. I take credit from my fairy godfriend Jenn Lord . Oh my sweet Lord, thanks for this new domain. Hopefully next year, I will be the one to renew it. Thanks again!See you on your wedding. So it's now with the blogspot removed. If you're wondering why I used joannamashka. It's because was already taken. I could've used walkthroughlife too but it's already taken as well. Then I remembered a good friend of mine Coco who used to call me "Mashka" during high school, a name taken from a character in one of the pocketbooks she came across reading. So it's a combination of Joanne and Mashka, joannamashka. Like you really wanna know the story. Hehehe. Like I really wanna sing right now "I'm nothing special.. in fact, I'm a bit of a bore~~~" And don't ask me how I got meretrisha. I coined it myself. It's definitely not taken

my gummy dipdip

Lately, our little angel has been experiencing some discomfort because of her swelling gums. I don’t know when a tooth or two will show up completely but I can already see something white through her lower gums. I feel sad for her. If only I have the power to take away all the pain she’s feeling, I would gladly take her place. Despite all the discomfort, over all, she’s still a cheerful baby. I’m proud to say that she’s generally a happy baby. Not cranky. She would still smile at me as if trying to assure me that she can handle everything. Every time she’s feeling some discomfort and pain, I would just carry her and sing her some songs and she would just pinch my flabby (ouch!) arms and then she would seem to be okay. I love it when she looks and smiles at me. After that, I would already hear her saying something. Yeah, I can’t wait till I would hear her say “Mama”. As for now, I just hope she can get through her teething with less and less pain.

rapidshare and torrents files search

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Update 911

Update update update! It's been eleven days since I've been at home with my daughter. I pretty much haven't done anything except for those few small writing opportunities. Oh, you have no idea how MUCH I missed bonding with my daughter! You see, she's almost on her sixth month and I enjoy every knowing look and smile she throws at me. I enjoy every minute of playtime with Dipdip that it's just so hard to do anything else. Hehehe. Anyway, beginning today, I'm gonna try harder and get more online work. I still have so much time, though. Procrastinator me! :)

babies and politics

Do you know that babies also have a say in politics? I didn't know that until my 5 months+ Pauline gave her own version of a "Laban" sign when I took her picture (look at her hand). I guess she's saying that she's rooting for Noynoy Aquino (son of late President Cory Aquino) to be President in 2010. Maybe this picture would help Noynoy end his retreat and make that final decision. :) Mama, what has that got to do with this picture?

is it too late for a new hobby?

I was starting to like Shan's idea of collecting stamps . In short, I have no originality hehehe. I know I should have written about this sooner but we were at Stephen's parents then. I have received a postcard from Shan and some stamps from France to add to my collection. Hmmm, I have yet to buy an album for the stamps. I wonder how long it would take for me to collect stamps from other countries. Maybe I wouldn't have time to collect all of them. I might pass this on to Dipdip pretty soon. It's good to have a lot of hobbies!

cute halloween costumes

We are already entering the month of September. In less than two months from now, it's already Halloween! Let the countdown begin. It's funny that I am writing about this now. During my younger days, there's always this Halloween disco party that we would look forward to attend so we can show up in different costumes. The most unique and the best costume gets to receive a prize. The disco house would look scary with a coffin displayed together with the cobwebs effect and people dancing but looking like witches and vampires. Nowadays, Halloween reminds me of kids running around in various costumes. I usually see them with their parents in the mall. They would happily bring around their baskets for a trick or treat. Oh, you would see the happy look on their faces when they have a lot of candies inside their baskets. Incidentally, I just bumped into this great website which features a lot of wonderful Halloween costumes for all ages. I was just amazed at how this website is s

babies are only young once

A week after I received my retrenchment notice, I had another talk with the big boss. He offered me a new project that could somehow delay my retrenchment for another two months or more. It was so kind of him to have re-considered me for another project but I guess my mind was already set that I will be home after August 31st, after having signed all the papers. Add to that, the circumstances leading to the termination of Dipdip's nanny seemed to be in favor of my plan to stay at home with Dipdip. Without burning any bridges, I told him I'm gonna try and make this home-based thing work but when all else fails, I would surely like to come back like a prodigal daughter, if I'm still welcome. Else, it'd then be the time to look elsewhere. I knew he understood because he respected my decision. In fact, I will never forget when he told me this, " Babies are only young once ." And he's most definitely right! As Dipdip's mom, I want to be near her, to look a