nanny's last days

it's really hard to get a good nanny these days. for the last four months, i have kept my patience with dipdip's yaya.

issue no. 1. when we got her to start working the day after we interviewed her, she already asked if she could get an advance on her salary. she said she was indebted to her previous employer and wanted to pay her back. since it's really hard to get a yaya and she seems to give a pretty good impression that she's probably the best nanny we could ever have, we gave her an advance. i thought this would just be a one-time thing but she kept asking for an advance even when we gave her her salary every 15th and 30th of the month. when i finally received a retrenchment notice from my employer, i told her we can only promise her to allocate for her salary from our funds and that she shouldn't expect that we can grant her any advance on her salary. problem solved.

issue no. 2. when i had her interviewed, i told her that i terminated my previous nanny because she can't seem to fulfill her work schedule. she would come back on a monday at noontime even when we agreed that she would come back on Sunday after her saturday off. thankfully, i was still on maternity leave at that time. this time, i expected her not to do the same. but i was wrong. she would leave at dawn on saturday and would keep a trend of coming back on mondays at 4 a.m. she always had reasons for everything. blah blah blah. i was tired of her lame excuses. still, we kept our patience because our monday work was not jeopardized because she would arrive at dawn, although she would really rob us an extra hour of sleep because we would be awakened from our sleep when she comes knocking on our door so early. this went unsolved because she would agree to come back on sunday before she would leave the house and then come back on a monday with a different excuse each time.

issue no. 3. she can't cook for herself. well, she can boil lots of things. and fry a little. so if we can't leave her cooked dinner, she would have boiled eggplant. boiled okra. fried dried fish. mind you, she would drive me nuts because she has a lot of things she said she wouldn't eat. no, i don't eat this. i don't eat that.

issue no. 4. she complains about the cloth diapers. they're washable and re-usable. hubby and i decided to use cloth diapers for dipdip during daytime so that we could prevent or minimize diaper rash. we only want her to use disposable diaper during the evening. she wouldn't directly complain to us. she would either talk to the baby or talk to the yayas in the neighborhood. there was even a time that she would sneak in a disposable diaper inside a cloth diaper. she was embarrassed when we caught her on the act. thankfully, it was the first and the last time that she did that. bottomline, she's lazy. she wants less or no laundry. all we asked her to do was to wash dipdip's clothing, including diapers.

issue no. 5. last week, she left us friday night when she's not supposed to. i knew she's excited to go home for the fiesta and get drunk. she came back on a monday morning looking sick. and pretended to have a cough. she said she has fever but when i took her temperature, it was a 34.6. Liars go to hell! then she told me she had hypertension and would like to go to the health center for a checkup. i had to take a leave of absence to attend to the baby.

when i took charge of the baby that monday, i learned from another yaya that sometimes she wouldn't even put a panty on dipdip. my oh my, how could she do that to my daughter?

what can she expect? give her a raise? we have to stop being nice. we terminated her. now we're still in search for a new yaya. we had to entrust dipdip to my in-laws for the time-being. we're now temporarily going home at stephen's parents in talisay. there, my wonderful daughter is pampered with love by her grandparents. i so love my in-laws!


  1. Oh my God, hon---what a headache for you and the hubby! Well, for dipx2 too. STILL! Either you've got the patience of a saint or you're just way too nice. Who asks for an advance in their salary? Once, I can understand, but a few times?

    I do hope you both find a much agreeable nanny for dipx2 soon, but at least she's with family so that's a boon! ;)

    I'm curious---how much do nannies cost around your area? ;) Most live in nannies here run about 700 - 800 euros (1000 - 1100 USD) a month. Wish we could afford one, but they're pricey! lol...

  2. hala, kabadlungon gud diay sa imong yaya jo. mao jud lisod kaau mangita ug tarong oi. but that's good na naa pud diay mubantay ni dipdip while wala pay nanny na bag o. you're right lahi ra jud if kadugo ang mubantay sa bb kay showered with love jud, hehe.

  3. lisod jud na dili parente ang magbantay jo kay wa ta kabalo giunsa paggalam ang bata. pero naa baya pud jud tarong, pero pangitaon nalang rong panahona hehehe.

  4. before you will hire another nanny... you have to list down the things you want for a nanny. in case naa wala ni fit sa imong list then ayaw dawata... Always look at the positive side of the person....

  5. I guess you need to talk about it with her and set both of your expectations...

  6. thank you guys! sorry i wasn't really back to blogging full-time since we're still not back at home. today is my last day of work with the company, though, so we would probably be home next week...


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