my postpartum body

"Feeling fat last nine months but the joy of becoming a mom lasts forever." - Nikki Dalton

This is so not true! The nine months thing. At least not for me. I thought after I give birth, I will already lose all of that maternity weight but I was wrong. It's been four months+ after the C-section but I'm still not back in my old clothes. Sometimes it would anger my husband because it takes me longer to get dressed. Why? Because I don't like the woman I see in the mirror. I hated everything she wears. Nothing seems to look good on her.

The mirror is no longer my friend. I hated looking at it. My postpartum body (especially my awful tummy) is just so depressing! Well, I tried not to be depressed. Mind over matter still works. Everytime I feel sad about it, I think about my trophy -- my baby! But it doesn't mean that I wouldn't try losing weight or getting back in shape. It just helps in conditioning my mind to be more PATIENT. Sometimes I even overeat especially when the table is overflowing with food. LOL. It's time to change that attitude. I promised myself I will get out of this weight. I can't stay this way. It sucks! I know I couldn't do it overnight. Losing weight is just a little harder to do. But it can be done.

I wanted to delete this but baby pauline is just so adorable in this picture, I decided to keep it. This will serve as a reminder for me to get back in shape. Or I'll die of depression. :)


  1. you're not alone jo, me too, i can't wear my old clothes that i used to wear from work before. and notice our bodies really look different from before. hahaha

    peu importe (it doesn't matter)

  2. hi shan, thanks. it does matter, in a way. i don't want to think that i've taken myself for granted just because i already have a baby. *sigh*

  3. I feel ya, hon. I feel ya. I have a belly pudge too, but it's not as big as it was before. You'll notice it'll start to shrink in the next few months.

    Don't worry, you won't be stuck with a Buddha belly. ;)

    I think it looks kinda cute on you!

  4. hi jo,
    not to worry, you may lose it in a few months or more but you'll lose it...when you're baby grows bigger, you'll have adjusted more then you'll learn to give time to yourself, take care of yourself and love yourself will happen except if you decide to have another baby, then that's nine months plus a few pounds all over again!!

  5. bchai, you're such a darling sweet friend! friends do really tend to overlook our negative side :) whew, i feel good!

    pearl, whew, i'm not gonna have another baby YET (i hope so) because i'm still not ready for it (physically and "financially") harharhar.


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