i'm still here

just wanted to let everyone know that i'm still here. you might have not noticed it but i've been gone for almost a month. been so busy. work, motherhood, health issues, laziness, what have you. now, i'm starting to pick up!

i'm back with a lot of stories to tell. happy and sad. hopefully, i get to write about these on my subsequent updates.

first off, i'd like to thank the Designer's Chic for giving a new look to my blog. i never had the time to sit down and learn how to change layouts or design for a blog. i really wanted to have a 3-column layout for my blog. i wanted to learn how it's done but i just didn't have the time YET. thanks to Ivy for the overhaul. this would not have been possible too if it weren't for Jenneth. thanks net for the sponsorship.

right now, i'm just warming up a little bit. see you on my next update. if anyone is still reading me, please let me know. comment to this post, message me privately or send me an e-mail. whatever suits you. :)


  1. hayag kay color imong blog da :) nice to hear u back.

    na, ang color sa comment jo di makita. all white ang background ug foreground.

  2. ur always welcome. karon pa ko nakafigure out unsaon pagpost ug comment diri mao karon pa ko kacomment, hehe.


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